10 Dead Game franchises that should return


There are many reasons why companies stop making games in a franchise, even the ones that were once popular. Declining sales, various creative desires of developers, and many other factors all contribute to the death of a franchise.

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But in the age of reboots and rebirths, it seems like any franchise has a chance to come back, sometimes resulting in some excellent and popular new games like the 2016 re-imagining of Ratchet & Clank, and sometimes resulting in complete failures like Star Fox Zero. There is no guarantee that the comeback of a previously popular franchise will turn out well, but there are many that deserve a chance.

ten Jak and Daxter

Often compared to previous ones Ratchet & Clank series, Jak and Daxter follows the sci-fi action adventures of two partners getting out of trouble. But the series was able to have its own identity, with more mature and interesting stories with arguably better characters.

The games were developed by one of PlayStation’s most successful studios, Naughty Dog, who quit making the series in order to work on other new projects. So the death of the franchise gave the world The last of us, but now that it’s been 12 years that a new Jak and Daxter game, maybe it’s time to give it another chance.

9 F-Zero

Nintendo has a mixed relationship with its exclusive franchises, some like Mario and Zelda have enjoyed continuous support 35 years since their inception. However, some never had the chance to really shine. The futuristic racing series F-Zero is unfortunately an example of the latter.

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Although certainly less popular than Nintendo’s Mario kart racing games, F-Zero still has a cult following to this day, despite no new releases since the early 2000s. Captain Falcon has remained a constant figure in the Smash Bros franchise from the start, so there is still some recognition of the franchise, but a new game would be amazing.

8 Exploded cell

Exploded cell followed the life of secret agent and stealth expert Sam Fisher. Existing for some time alongside the Metal gear frank but taking a more grounded and serious approach to storytelling, the Exploded cell the series contained incredible and challenging stealth action experiences.

The stealth genre in general seems to be in decline right now, with only a handful of the big stealth franchises remaining. And even Ubisoft’s other flagship stealth series Assassin’s Creed, while continuing, took a more active RPG approach than traditional stealth.

7 Sleeping dogs

sleeping dogs

The story of the creation of Sleeping dogs the franchise is strange. Start life as True Crime: Hong Kong, part of the existing True crime series, the game was later canceled, purchased by Square Enix and converted to a standalone game Sleeping dogs which came out in 2012.

Despite many similarities with Grand Theft Auto, the game’s excellent writing, unique Hong Kong setting, and well-groomed combat set it apart from being labeled as a mere “GTA clone”.

There was a direct sequel initially planned for the game, which later evolved into a bizarre online multiplayer triad simulator that met with little success and was ultimately canceled.

6 Bully

Bully Rockstar Games

Bully, also known as Canis Canem Edit only had one full game and one remaster, but remains one of the biggest sequels demand in the game to this day. Developed by Rockstar, Bully used the violent open-world formula the company is known for, but which was so different from the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

Installed in a boarding school, BullyThe story of is as melodramatic as it is hilarious. Despite some technical issues, he has a huge fan base who would love to see a comeback. Rockstar has teased a sequel on several occasions, but there is still no solid evidence that a new Bully is in the cards.

5 Prototype

Gliding prototype

Prototype was an open world sandbox starring a mutated super human who could transform his body into all kinds of weapons. Although it had a poor history, it was still so much fun jumping from building to building destroying tanks and helicopters with ease along the way. And with the inclusion of a mechanic that allowed the player to absorb and transform into any NPC, there were clever stealth elements as well.

Prototype and its sequel Prototype 2 were both well received upon release and despite decent sales figures for the second game, publisher Activision said it fell short of their expectations, so the franchise was scrapped.

4 Saints row

Saints Row IV President seated on a throne flanked by two women with guns.

At first seen as nothing more than a copy of Grand Theft Auto, the Saints row the series would with each new game carve out its own unique identity, becoming more and more fantastical and wacky with each title.

There have been 4 main games, as well as a standalone expansion for Saint Row IV starring series regular Johnny Gat in aptly named Hell Gat out of hell.

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There was also a derivative game released in 2017 called Agents of chaos, but there was no Saints row games since 2013. There is hope for the main series though as a full sequel is reportedly in development, but details are very minor.

3 Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic title characters

There have been so many games to release Star wars that there are dozens of gaming franchises that exist in the broadest Star wars franchise. But no game series in the Extended Universe is loved more than Knights of the Old Republic.

Developed by BioWare, this RPG series has told stories in the Star wars universe better than most real movies. After the first 2 games, BioWare did an MMO follow-up called Star Wars: The Old Republic, but a real sequel is still in high demand.

2 Jade empire

jade empire

Another BioWare RPG that won over gamers when it was released, Jade empire was a truly unique entity. Exploring a beautiful world inspired by Chinese mythology was an absolute treat.

Without the name recognition of some of BioWare’s other games, there is unlikely to be a sequel, but given the wealth of sci-fi and fantasy western games that BioWare has created, it would certainly be worth considering. see a return in the basement. used world Jade empire.

Even though there will be no sequel, now that the Mass Effect series has a remake, it’s fair to wonder where is this treatment for other BioWare classics?

1 Super Mario attackers

There has been no shortage of Mario sports games related over the years, but while the likes of Mario tennis and Mario golf received a lot of different games, Great Mario’s attackers has only 2.

Considering how often Nintendo releases other sports-derived titles, it seems unfair that the world’s most popular sport has been left exclusively on older console generations.

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