10 Nintendo franchises that need a revival


Nintendo is one of the most popular game companies of all time. From the development of iconic titles such as Super Mario and THE Legend of Zelda On some of the best-selling consoles ever made like the Wii and Switch, Nintendo has come a long way since its beginnings in 1889 as a card company.

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While titles like Pokemon, Super Mario, and Super Smash Bros. are among the most notable game franchises, Nintendo also has a lot of series that deserve more recognition. Some franchises have had a lot of fans and could earn a lot more if Nintendo relaunched them and released games on Switch.

ten Star Fox got off to a strong start with his first releases

The crew of Star Fox, Fox, Slippy, Peppy and Falco

Star Fox is a shooting game series that debuted in 1993. The first installment, which bears the same name as the series, was one of the most popular SNES games. Despite its success, there were only seven other main titles in the franchise, with Star Fox 64 have a remake on the 3DS. Besides Nintendo, other popular developers have worked on the series including Rare, Namco, and PlatinumGames. The last opus of the series, Star Fox 2, which, as the title suggests, was the second game to be released. However, it never came out until 2017 with the SNES Classic Edition, which gave many fans a reason to get the limited console. Star Fox It once had the potential to be one of Nintendo’s best franchises, and it could still be if Nintendo made games similar to the first three.

9 Pikmin took a long time to publish his fourth opus

Pikmin is an RTS game trilogy with two spin-offs, one of which is an upcoming mobile title. The original version was released on GameCube in 2001 with its sequel released on the same console three years later. Pikmin 3 first arrived on the Wii U in 2013 and a deluxe version was released just a few months ago, giving fans hope that this new version will be successful enough for Nintendo to release it. Pikmin 4, a game that was supposed to be nearly finished six years ago according to Shigeru Miyamoto, but there has been hardly any news about it. Fortunately, while fans wait for the installment to be released, hopefully they will be able to play the mobile game which has many similarities to Pokémon Go.

8 Wario Land may make a comeback after more than a decade

A large number of characters who appeared in Mario the games have their own series. A spin-off that doesn’t get the popularity it deserves is Land of Wario. The first opus in the series, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, released in 1994 for the Game Boy and, as the title suggests, is also the third game in the Super Mario Land series.

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Five more games in this series would be created, although Wario would become the main character of other titles, the most popular being WarioWare. As WarioWare is completely different from Land of Wario, however, platform fans miss the series that ended in 2008, and would still love another episode over a decade later.

7 Mother could benefit from being more accessible outside of Japan

Mother, also known as Tied to the earth, is a trilogy of RPG games. The first game in the series was released on NES in 1989, but will only be available in Japan until 2015, when it will be released on Wii U for the rest of the world. Fans didn’t have to wait as long for its sequel as they did for the SNES in North America in 1995, a year after its release in Japan. However, the latest installment, which came to the Game Boy Advance in 2006, is still not available outside of Japan. As the series has won many fans around the world, it’s a shame Nintendo hasn’t done more for them and should bring these games to the Switch for all gamers no matter where they live, and make more sequels. .

6 Golden Sun left the third title on a Cliffhanger

Dark Dawn Golden Sun

golden sun is another trilogy of RPG games that deserves a revival. The first two installments, golden sun and Golden Sun: the lost age came to the Game Boy Advance in the early 2000s and was originally the same game, but it was too long for the portable system. The third title, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn arrived on the DS in 2010 and follows the characters of the game’s first two children on their own adventure. It unfortunately ended on a cliffhanger and a fourth installment was never made. Seeing how many players still want the mysteries of the game to be revealed, a fourth golden sun the title must be done.

5 F-Zero was another racing game like Mario Kart

F-Zero GP Legend Anime

When most people hear racing and Nintendo, they think of Mario kart. However, before the company’s superstar started driving, Nintendo had started work on another racing series called F-Zero, with the first opus released in 1991 for the SNES. The last title in the series, F-Zero Climax was released in 2004 in Japan and has not been released elsewhere.

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While the franchise has grown in popularity in recent years due to the inclusion of a few tracks from this series Mario kart 8 and Captain Falcon being playable in Super Smash Bros., Nintendo is expected to make another installment.

4 The most recent version of Kid Icarus was the most popular, and the next one could be even better

Key art for Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus is another game trilogy, although unlike golden sun and Mother, this is not an RPG. The first title released in 1987 on the NES and the second came on the Game Boy in 1991. After two decades, the most popular game in the franchise, Kid Icarus: uprising, released on 3DS, which could have been the start of a revival of the series. However, it’s been nine years since this episode came out and nothing has been announced since. With a whole new fan base, it would have been great if Nintendo kept releasing new titles, and it’s never too late to do so.

3 Wii Sports took advantage of Nintendo’s iconic motion controls

Wii Sports

Wii Sports was a game that came with the Wii, in which players could use their Miis to play baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. Due to its success, a sequel was made three years later called Wii Sports Resort, which included a lot more sports to play. These titles were a great way to show off motion controls, something Nintendo still commonly adds to its games on the Switch. While it doesn’t make sense to keep calling the series Wii Sports if another game was made, a potential Change sport could easily be one of the console bestsellers.

2 Rhythm Heaven has to make a new down payment for the Switch

Rhythm Heaven

As its title suggests, Rhythm Heaven is a rhythm series. The first opus in the series, Tengoku rhythm, was released in Japan on the Game Boy Advance in 2006. The other three games in the series are available elsewhere. Rhythm Heaven, the second title, released on DS in 2009. Rhythm Heaven Fever arrived on the Wii in 2011. And Rhythm Heaven Megamix was released in 2016 for the 3DS. With the exception of the DS title, a new entry has come to the series every five years, and this could be the year an episode hits the Switch.

1 Metroid has fans waiting for Prime 4


Metroid is an action-adventure series that debuted in 1987 on the NES. Some of the most beloved titles in the series are the Metroid Prime trilogy, and fans have been patiently waiting for the fourth installment since 2017. Sadly, everything that happened in the first two years of development had to be scrapped, so no one knows when the game will be released. And that’s just how long fans haven’t been waiting for a new 3D game. As Super Mario and THE Legend of Zelda, this series had 2D and 3D inputs. The last 2D title, Metroid: Samus Returns was released in 2017 and was a remake of a game from 1991. The last 2D game to come out before it was Metroid: Mission Zero, which was again a remake released in 2004. It would be great for 2D installments to have a comeback with afterwards Metroid Prime 4 press releases.

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