10 Villains We Want To See In The New Justice Society Comic


With DC’s recent announcement of the Justice Society of America returning to their own book, from writer Geoff Johns and artist Mikel Janin, fans are in for a frenzy. The JSA has been mostly absent for years, with only a few small appearances here and there. The team has a long history at DC, with stories dating back to the Golden Age of comics.

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With a legacy like that, there’s a lot fans want to see in the book, especially when it comes to the villains. The Justice Society has taken on some great villains over the years, and some of them absolutely must appear in the new series.

ten Sportsmaster is due in modern DC comics

Sportsmaster is a relic of gimmick villains from the golden age. He is a villain who has used sports equipment to fight the heroes, often using wooden weapons to fight Alan Scott. He’s also a villain who doesn’t get much love in the modern DC Universe. Unlike a lot of Golden Age antagonists, he didn’t get a reboot in the comics. However, it appeared in young justice cartoon as a major figure, showing that he can work nowadays.

Sportsmaster is made to be a henchman, not a mastermind, but it would still be fun to see a modern Sportsmaster fight the JSA. Take a bit of the Golden Age, and a bit of young justicemix them up and put them on the page.

9 The Psycho-Pirate Was Once a Justice Society Villain

Psycho-Pirate has been through a lot over the years. Since Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s become a much bigger deal in the DC Universe, but once upon a time, Roger Hayden was an Earth-2 villain who battled Jay Garrick and the Justice Society. The JSA book might remind readers of this story by bringing him back as a villain for the group.

This would work especially well since this book appears to include the older Earth-2 version of Huntress, a character who technically no longer exists. Psycho-Pirate’s Medusa Mask can manifest people from the ancient multiverse, which could explain its appearance and provide a ton of story opportunities.

8 Ultra-humanity is too cool of a villain not to appear

The Ultra-Humanite was once Superman’s greatest enemy, battling the Man of Steel in the Golden Age. The body-jumping evil scientist also fought the Justice Society and after COIE became primarily a JSA villain. The last few years have seen him appear more frequently, often battling Superman, but to see him take on the Justice Society again would be great.

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The Ultra-Humanite is a versatile villain. He is a massive threat to any hero or team he faces. He would be a big brain, eager to welcome his old playmates back. Ultra-Humanite deserves more exposure, and the new Justice Society book is his sweet spot.

seven Solomon Grundy has a long history with the Justice Society

Solomon Grundy is DC’s henchman extraordinaire. He’s fought every major hero and team, as his origins date way back to DC’s Golden Age. Slaughter Swamp’s monster is the best muscle around, capable of fighting Superman and too dumb to ask questions. On top of that, he also regularly reinvents himself, showcasing new sides to his character after one of his regular resurrections.

Grundy can be a big stupid bully or a super strong manipulator. It would be great if he showed up and everyone thought he was Solomon’s big fool, but it was all a ruse. He’s a much more interesting character than most fans realize, which makes him perfect for a comeback.

6 Magog expects a heel turn

kingdom come has a rich legacy in the DC Universe. The last time Johns wrote Justice Society Of America, his biggest story was “Thy Kingdom Come”, a story that brought the anti-hero Magog from K.C. in the continuity of the JSA, giving it an origin. Magog joined the team and proved to be a great, albeit violent, hero who ended up dying in Brightest day.

Magog made an appearance as a villain in the New 52, but that version of DC Universe no longer exists. Since Johns has done so much with the character before, bringing him back to the Justice Society book would make readers happy and give the killer hero a great return.

5 Per Degaton is the Justice Society’s first time-traveling villain

Per Degaton has been fighting the JSA for decades. The evil time-traveling fascist has entangled the team in his temporal plans, using powerful technology from the future to fight the group. He’s a big baddie who rarely plays outside of the Justice Society books. Time-traveling villains no longer get the respect they deserve, and putting Degaton in such a big book could change that.

Degaton has a long heritage with the JSA, so confronting him with this new version at some point would be welcome. It’s been over a decade since he’s had a major storyline, so he needs the chance to show a whole new generation of fans just how tough he is.

4 Icicle II is the coolest

Icicle II is the top JSA B-list villain. Fighting alongside the Injustice Society, he had great things to do at Johns’s JSA run, and even a teased redemption arc. Icicle gained a lot of fans in “Stealing Thunder” but after that, he pretty much disappeared. Since then, he’s made very few appearances, but with the return of the JSA, he should definitely do the same.

Icicle II is the most interesting member of the modern Injustice Society. He has cool powers and there are so many things that can be done with the character. Bringing him back as a villain looking for a change would be perfect and make longtime fans happy.

3 Extant and the Justice Society have a deadly history

The Justice Society’s most pyrrhic victor was in their fight against Extant. The villain confronted the team during H hour, killing the Atom, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite, as well as aging the surviving team to their actual advanced ages. The team clashed with him again when he was granted the Worlogog. They arrested him, and Atom-Smasher swapped Extant’s places with his mother on a plane that had been bombed by Kobra in the past.

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Extant always returns, however, bringing him back to fight the team in the present day would be a treat for the fans. Few Justice Society villains have done this kind of damage to the team, so a rematch is definitely in order.

2 Mordru nearly destroyed the Justice Society

Mordru’s magical power makes him a ridiculously dangerous foe. Rising to prominence battling the Legion of Super-Heroes, the current version of the villain also attacked the Justice Society, usurping the Helmet of Fate and working with Eclipso and Obsidian to destroy the team. His raw power makes him one of the team’s most formidable foes.

Mordru and the Justice Society make great enemies. He is powerful enough to challenge the entire team and has a grudge working against them, stemming from his long-standing feud with Nabu. He absolutely must appear in the new book.

1 Johnny Sorrow deserves an A-List call

Johnny Sorrow seemed to be on the cusp of stardom in the 2000s. He led the Injustice Society against the JSA and played a significant role in the incredible JLA/JSA: virtue and vice. His story, as a Golden Age criminal plunged into a Lovecraftian nightmare and returning as an unkillable evil mastermind, was great and he sounded cool to boot.

Johnny Sorrow has all the naughty tools for success. If anyone deserves to be in the new Justice Society book, it’s him. It would be child’s play to position him as the JSA’s newest nemesis. This would bring back the character’s full potential and create a new great evil for DC’s heroes.

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