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DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “The use of biometrics is on the rise for payments: banks and merchants, get ready to adopt faces and fingers for authentication” the report was added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

This report explains the current biometric authentication market and examines the determining factors influencing the adoption rate and how different stakeholders can gain a foothold in this rapidly growing ecosystem.

The report also covers the scope of today’s biometric authentication technologies, including how the introduction of behavior-based security has the potential to transform the payments industry. By describing the success and challenges faced by global entities in implementing this advanced technology, this report provides readers with valuable information on how to introduce innovative products in this field.

Additionally, legislative developments at the state and federal levels relating to biometrics and consumer privacy are described to provide readers with a comprehensive perspective on the current regulatory landscape.

“Since our 2017 report, COVID-19 and changing consumer preferences have accelerated the deployment of biometric authentication in the payments industry,” comments Tim Sloane, vice president of payments innovation at MAG.

Sloane continues, “In this rapidly developing field, it is necessary to fully understand the potential and limitations of the technology, including the anticipated challenges to adapt it to the needs of your market. It is time for all payments and financial entities to learn about privacy issues and legislation, new developments and partnership opportunities in biometrics. ”

Highlights include:

  • Overview of biometric authentication

  • Major developments in this sector, including the rise of behavioral biometrics in fraud detection and prevention

  • Analysis of the US regulatory landscape and the challenges facing companies interested in consumer biometrics

  • Several case studies on the implementation of biometric authentication in retail, banking, card payments and digital payments

  • Recommendations on partnership and revenue growth opportunities

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Presentation

3. Authentication and biometrics defined

4. Basics of biometic authentication

5. The need and importance of biometrics are clear

6. The use of biometrics benefits consumers, merchants and banks

7. Implementations of the card issuer

8. Use case scenarios and progression by biometric method

9. Use of on-card fingerprint biometrics

10. Use of facial biometrics

11. Behavioral biometrics – An emerging sector

12. The US government is wrong in the biometric implementation

13. Regulatory status

14. Conclusions and recommendations

Companies mentioned

  • Amazon

  • Apple

  • Call sign

  • Fujitsu

  • MasterCard

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Visa

For more information on this report, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/u8c6ix


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