3 Franchises That Deserve The Star Trek: Phase II Treatment


Star Trek: Phase II was going to be the sequel to the original series.

Newer fans might not remember it, but Star Trek: Phase II was an attempt by Gene Roddenberry to bring back the original Star Trek cast for an all-new series. This would have seen the franchise reworked a bit, to better suit the 1970s, but despite some strong ideas and some shot-and-test stuff, ultimately the sequel series to the Star Trek original flopped. This prompted Roddenberry to reinvest time and energy into the idea for the film.

It worked out much better for everyone if we’re being honest.

Still, a series of sequels to the original series would have been something. Especially since it would have taken several years of canon between the last episode of the original series and the start of Phase II. It felt like the original series was incomplete, so another show made sense.

Trek has a few shows that might have their own version of Phase II, and we’re going to talk about them now.

The Star Trek Series That Deserve Their Own Phase II Sequels

Star Trek: The Next Generation (minus Picard)

We know Data, Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker, Deanna Troi and a few others, but what about Geordi La Forge, Worf, Beverly Crusher, Wesley and the rest of the famous faces from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Frankly, a series around La Forge, Worf and a few others would be very interesting, especially if Worf and La Forge were opposed to different sides of a political issue. Worf being the most confrontational character seems to be at odds with La Forge, who has always been more diplomatic and kind than Worf. It would be an interesting idea if ever explored.

Star Trek: Voyager (after returning home)

Star Trek: Voyager, unlike all of the other Star Trek shows, apparently had a complete no-holds-barred plot resolution. Their mission was over, but their trauma was not. They spent seven years in hostile territory, facing constant violence, brutality and all sorts of bizarre torture tactics. Namely Neelix’s kitchen. Seven of Nine has gone into bounty hunter mode after returning from the Delta Quadrant, but what about everyone else? How are Tom and B’Elanna holding up? Did Naomi Wildman follow her mother into the Federation? These are the questions I want answered.

Star Trek: Enterprise

This list is in no particular order except for Enterprise. Enterprise should definitely get a Phase II sequel. Their mission wasn’t over, their show was hastily canceled by executives who had no idea what they had. Continuing issues with the Romulans needed to be resolved. There was so much here that needed to be explored further. Shit, Paramount. Give us a Phase II Enterprise series!


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