3 reasons Ajinkya Rahane might not be chosen by franchises


Ajinkya Rahane only made two appearances for the Delhi Capitals in the IPL in 2021 and nine appearances the previous season. This put his hopes for an IPL 2022 auction at risk.

Over the years, Rahane has become somewhat of a declining star in the renowned tournament. His last IPL 50 dates back to 2020 against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was followed by a series of low scores and bench times, hinting at a harsh truth. Rahane might not be chosen by one of the IPL 2022 auction franchises.

This, of course, could be a stretch. Testing specialist Cheteshwar Pujara ended up in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) camp last season but did not play a game. The last time he got up was in 2014.

So we’re taking a look at three reasons he might not find a new franchise this season.

# 1 Ajinkya Rahane’s current form in the IPL

Rahane’s last eight IPL rounds have scores of 2, 8, 0, 26, 60, 0, 2 and 8. These low scores are the main reason why, despite the fluidity and solid technique, this is a no. -starting.

The lack of leads will be considered a crucial factor. However, a look at his Syed Mushtaq Ali Tropgy 2021 releases may work in his favor. He has 286 points in five games with an average of 57.20 and a strike rate of 133.64. Whether that will be enough to catapult himself into a new team remains to be seen.

# 2 Torrid Test run could impact its 2022 IPL auction

Ajinkya Rahane’s testing performance hasn’t been impressive lately and that could be one of the reasons he will be overlooked. One could argue that the shorter format may have nothing to do with the IPL 2022 auction. But franchisees tend to look at a player’s performance across formats.

Test scores that are off the charts mean that a player has a solid technique and foundation. It’s a requirement for success in the game’s shorter format, and unfortunately for the Mumbai hitter, a lot depends on his tour of South Africa.

# 3 Huge competition

IPL 2022 will surely see more players in the mix, new and old, who will attempt to stand out with the bat or the ball. Rahane will find himself surrounded by immense competition and this could make his chances of being selected in the IPL 2022 auction much more difficult.

Much of this reasoning is guesswork, of course, and doesn’t mean Rahane won’t play IPL 2022. He was the batting pillar of the Rajasthan Royals in the early seasons, and only time will tell. he still has that spark.

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