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Zack Snyder has made no secret of his many inspirations in crafting his multi-chapter DC epic. Across three films, cinematic and comedic influences abound, but the creators who took inspiration from these three films are less discussed. Despite their conflicted reception, these films indeed had their own influence, be it on comics, TV shows and other films.

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The creators took inspiration from the costumes, aesthetics, VFX concepts, fight choreography, and even the scenes themselves with little nods here and there. Some influences may still be unknown, either unspoken or adopted unconsciously in a subtle way. Regardless, many creators feel that these films deserve their due, giving them some respect in their own works.

7 Lee Toland Krieger – Superman & Lois

The CW 2021 show Superman and Lois introduced the local audience to the new concept of married Lois and Clark raising two teenage boys on Kent Farm. However, the concept is not without sources of inspiration. Among them, the show’s pilot director Lee Toland Krieger spoke about how the series draws inspiration from the 2013s. Steel man.

In an interview with Weekly entertainment, the director admitted to being an admirer of Zack Snyder’s film, and Superman and Lois was inspired by his “intimate moments” which he considers “really beautiful”. He further noted that inspiration was also drawn from costume design and also paid special attention to how the often computer-generated cape lent itself to “heroic moments” which can also be seen in the Dramatic cape action throughout the series.

6 Injustice 2 – Superman vs. Zod

Superman hits an enemy in Injustice 2

An emblematic shot of Steel man, also seen in the film’s third trailer, Superman hits General Zod across the Metropolis skyline during the film’s final showdown. This exact shot – same superhero, same angle, same choreography – was used in the 2017 fighting game Elseworld. Injustice 2 like the hard-hitting Superman “great movementIt’s no wonder that the game’s creative director Ed Boon expressed his enthusiasm for the Snyder cut.

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But the use of the blow does not stop there. It can be discovered and on, from the extremely controversial but much watched Superman vs Goku 2 Death Battle To the fourth chapter from Mike Habjan’s incredibly popular Superman vs Hulk video series. While this was a small shot in a spectacular action-packed movie, its distinctive and easily recognizable look made it clearly the cinematic equivalent of an iconic comic book panel.

5 Thermal visual effects

Homelander using his laser eyes in The Boys

In Steel man, a unique feature of Zack Snyder’s modern and realistic portrayal of Superman’s power set emphasizes the “violent” nature of his thermal vision – a beam of flames bursting from his glowing red eyes. Interestingly, this effect brightens up the inside of his skull, highlighting the veins and bone structure through the translucent skin around his eye sockets.

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Since then, this particular effect has become a staple of the live-action superpower. Amazon’s superhero satire The boys portrays an identical effect when Superman’s not-so-moral portrayal of “Homelander” from the series uses his own heat vision. The CW adopted the effect, especially in the Superman and Lois. Even Marvel is coming Eternals The film features a divine superhero whose skin lights up around his glowing eyes by shooting lasers from his retina.

4 Tony Daniel – Wonder Woman Costume

The design of Wonder Woman in DC's Rebirth

In 2016, DC hosted its “Rebirth” event, a sort of semi-reboot reviving older DC elements from before the 2011 New 52 reboot, along with new redesigns. Among those redesigns, comic book designer Tony Daniel had redesigned the Wonder Woman costume, and it doesn’t take much to notice the influence of costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s cinematic take on the ancient armor of the Amazon Princess.

Come the main costume debut in Wonder Woman: Rebirth (2016), the golden stars were removed from the outfit and the corset lines were set aside further, leaving this depiction almost unchanged from it. Batman vs. Superman start. This may not even be the first time Wilkinson’s design has been adapted to major canon comics, like artist Jason Fabok, who drew Batman v Superman WonderCon cover, also launched an extremely similar design in Justice League # 36 (2015).

3 Joëlle Jones – Knightmare Batman

Batman and Catwoman surrounded by hostile enemies in DC Comics

that of Tom King Batman # 33 (2017) began the crusader focused on his story “Rules of Engagement” which takes place primarily in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Khadym, roaming the desert landscape with a shotgun and Catwoman by his side. Besides the gun, the notable features of this Batman’s appearance are the long trench coat over his traditional costume, the goggles on his forehead and his sand pants.

The cartoonist, Joëlle Jones, revealed during a SYFY Wire event that Batman’s appearance was indeed inspired by his practical desert attire seen in Batman’s “Knightmare” dystopian vision of Batman vs. Superman, in which the Dark Knight leads a brave resistance in battle against the obedient legions of an anti-life brainwashed Superman amid the desert ruins of a future Earth.

2 Notice Rouge – Museum Gala

Still of the red notice showing the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot talking

The next Netflix action thriller Red Notice is notable for its star-studded cast of DC, consisting of Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern), Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam’s upcoming solo film), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman in the DCEU). One could be forgiven for assuming it was no coincidence. But what ties this movie to the Snyderverse is a scene from the end of the movie trailer.

In a lavish event where men in tuxedos and women in sparkly dresses socialize, the kind-hearted Dwayne Johnson takes on Gal Gadot’s villainous thief in a moment bristling with flirtatious tension. He whispers intimidation into her ear from behind before she turns to him with a smirk and a retort. This is the same as a sequence in Batman vs. Superman where Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne confronts Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince at a gala at the museum. Same actress, same staging, same environment. Different men, but the same outfit.

1 Ruth Carter – Superman Costume

Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

Judianna Makovsky was the costume designer of Captain America: Civil War (2016) which brought the iconic Black Panther costume to life. After that, the onus fell on Ruth Carter to give King Wakandan’s costume a new twist for her 2018 solo film. Black Panther. To accomplish this task, she turned to the work of Michael Wilkinson on Steel man for inspiration.

In an interview with Reverse, Carter described how the Superman costume in the 2013 film – with the chrome highlights under the fabric highlighting the muscles – was exactly the look she wanted to represent the Vibranium lace-up material of the Black Panther uniform. With the help of artist Adi Granov, the result is an equally accurate cinematic representation of the anatomy of comic book superheroes. She was so determined to pursue this iconic look that she fought against concerns raised that it could be damaged during stunts.

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