8 Forgotten Capcom Franchises That Should Make a Comeback


In recent years, Capcom has devoted most of its efforts to making new installments and supporting its biggest video game franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Devil May Cry. Unfortunately, this came at the expense of other Capcom franchises that were equally important but have been overlooked over the years.

Even if Capcom doesn’t end up bringing these games back, the company should think about remastering them for today’s consoles so that modern gamers can enjoy them.

Here are eight dormant Capcom franchises set to return in the next two years.

dinosaur crisis

Dinosaurs, aliens, and zombies are all the rage again, making a new Dino Crisis game (or reboot) a no-brainer.

The premise of Dino Crisis is simple – Resident Evil but with dinosaurs.

The first Dino Crisis game, which was created by the same guy behind Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, was released in 1999 for the PlayStation to positive reviews from critics and sold millions of units. Naturally, this led to the creation of several main sequels in 2000 and 2003. The latter effectively killed all hope for the franchise. Instead of focusing on the survival horror aspect that made the first two games so memorable, Dino Crisis 3 was an action-adventure game that pitted players against dinosaurs but in space.

With Resident Evil 9 likely many years away, Capcom could help out survival horror fans by giving Dino Crisis a modern facelift. If nothing else, a Dino Crisis reboot could ride on the hype generated by Jurassic World Dominion, which premieres on June 10.

Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends 2 ended on a cliffhanger that left the titular character stranded on the moon.

Losing Keiji Inafune effectively killed the Mega Man brand. However, after 2018’s Mega Man 11 debuted to such strong reviews and sales, there may still be hope for a new Mega Man game. If that happens, we’d rather Capcom do Mega Man Legends instead. Both Mega Man Legends games were so far removed from the franchise’s established formula and would likely fit nicely into a market looking for a different kind of open-world title if done right.

At the very least, Capcom owes it to longtime fans of the series to see if Megaman is still alive after being stuck on the moon for so long. The poor guy has been trapped there since 2000.

Dark Stalkers

Capcom probably won’t invest in another fighting game series, but it wouldn’t hurt to hope for a new Darkstalkers game.

For a time, Darkstalkers was as popular in arcades as Capcom’s flagship fighting game series, Street Fighter. Additionally, Stalkers was the first Capcom fighter to use 16-bit animation, while its gameplay heavily inspired Capcom’s future mega-hits like 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha and the Marvel Vs. Capcom games. Unfortunately, Darkstalkers never quite got the love it deserved despite the warm reception that 2013’s Darkstalkers: Resurrection, a remaster of the first two Darkstalker games, received from critics and audiences.

It’s such a shame that Capcom hasn’t invested in Darkstalkers as much as it should. More fighting games need to know that Darkstalkers is more than its star characters, Morrigan Aensland and Jedah Dohma, who are Marvel Vs Capcom staples. Capcom games.

power stone

Power Stone even got an anime adaptation, proving just how important it was.

Power Stone stood out in a sea of ​​2D fighters in the ’90s by doing two things: using a three-dimensional arena as a combat zone and letting players use the environment. And, oh, there was the titular “Power Stone” gimmick that allowed anyone who collected three Power Stones to transform and become more powerful.

Capcom could use the power of next-gen consoles to create an expansive Power Stone game with a more detailed environment to go along with its unique arena-style combat.

breath of fire

Breath of Fire is one of the few JRPG franchises where all games are universally loved, but Capcom doesn’t seem interested in at least remastering them for modern consoles.

Just in case Capcom hasn’t kept an ear out in the field, JRPGs are cool again. So why aren’t we hearing any news about Capcom bringing back Breath of Fire? Sure, there was Breath of Fire 6, a Japanese exclusive from 2016, which was a mobile game, but doesn’t a classic like Breath of Fire deserve to have a proper release on a modern console like Nintendo? Switch? We’d understand if Capcom was hesitant to release a new Breath of Fire game if at least one installment didn’t perform well, but all major installments are highly regarded in gaming circles.

So what gives? We do not know. We hope Square Enix’s decision to remaster Chrono Cross will light a fire under Capcom and make them want to bring back their only notable RPG franchise outside of Monster Hunter.

In the meantime, you can check out those modern JRPGs you might have missed.

Rival schools

Akira’s warm reception to Street Fighter V should make Capcom at least consider bringing Rival Schools back for modern platforms.

Technically, Capcom hasn’t forgotten about Rival Schools. The fighting game series shares the same world as Street Fighter, so by association Rival Schools is still alive. Not to mention that Capcom added Akira, one of Rival School’s main characters, to Street Fighter V last year as part of the game’s fifth DLC season. off Capcom’s radar, the game deserves a bit more recognition, especially since it was widely considered more popular than Street Fighter at one point in the ’90s.

If it’s any consolation, Akira was very popular among Street Fighter V fans, so we might see more Rival Schools characters appear in Street Fighter VI.

lost planet

Lost Planet 4 could use the best elements from all three games to create something truly special and unique.

You could say that Capcom was right to forget about Lost Planet. The series, which is surprisingly three games deep, has never really been able to get its identity. The first game in 2006 was a shooter while the sequel in 2010 tried to incorporate elements of Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise and then in 2013 Capcom tried to touch the hearts of gamers with a narrative adventure with Lost Planet 3 .

While none of the three Lost Planet games were critical darlings, each sold millions of units, so it wouldn’t be an idea to revisit the franchise with a fourth game that could perhaps tie all the elements together. successful of the three games together. for a current generation console.


You’d think Capcom would have released a sequel to Strider by now after the 2014 reboot made such a strong impression.

For a group of skilled warriors who are best known for their stealth and assassination, ninjas have been at the forefront of mainstream media in recent years. There are the rival ninjas from the live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat, which just got a sequel. Meanwhile, games like Overwatch and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have once again brought shinobi into the spotlight. So it stands to reason that Capcom is bringing back one of the game’s original ninjas.

After a successful reboot in 2014’s Strider, Capcom could use a sequel that further refines the reboot’s improvements to create another modern classic.


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