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As Halloween approaches, horror fans and first-timers alike alike to gorge themselves on the best Halloween horror movies and their franchises. There’s something in the air around October that makes the process of sitting down for a spooky horror movie franchise marathon rewarding. Considering the breadth of the horror genre, there are plenty of franchises to choose from.

This list will include some of the most popular horror franchises of all time. Plus, it will include a few who might not get the credit they deserve. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that you will have a scary good time enjoying one of these great horror movie franchises.

8) a nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven is a singular horror voice who arguably started the slasher genre with Last house on the left. He also nearly ended it two decades later with Scream. However, his most popular contribution to the horror genre is Nightmare on Elm Street. When the original film made its way into theaters in 1984, it was a breath of fresh air.

There was something so captivating about the childhood trauma, the perversion of dreams, and the sick sense of humor that Freddy Kruger embodied. The film quickly became one of the most popular horror film franchises of all time. Since then, the series has evolved, spawning six sequels, a remake, and a crossover movie where Kruger fights Friday 13 Jason Vorhees.

Some of the best entries in the franchise include the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Dream Warriors is considered by many to be the best of the franchise, with its unique fantasy elements and mesmerizing setting. New nightmare Also shakes things up by introducing a meaner Freddy and a fun meta-plot where Freddy haunts the setting of a new one. Nightmare movie.

7) Child’s play

When it comes to killer dolls, there is no doll more terrifying and iconic than Chucky. Don Mancini Child’s play entered cultural consciousness and terrified children everywhere in 1991. The film itself was a unique blend of the serial killer myth that dominated the market in the 90s, with the voodoo doll stories present in the early part of the decade. ‘horror.

However, unlike other horror movie franchises, Child’s play never ran out of breath. Boldly defying the idea that direct-to-video sequels are terrible, the Child’s play The series has always come out with great sequels that match the quality of the original. There are currently seven films in the original series and one remake released in 2019. Some of the highlights include the original. Bride of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, and the 2019 remake.

6) Halloween

John carpenter Halloween is known as the official start of the modern horror film genre. It has since grown into one of the most successful horror film franchises of all time. Halloween now has seven sequels and two different reboot series. The series was originally conceived as an anthology series that would focus on a different concept for each film. However, Michael Myers turned out to be such an instant hit that the franchise focused solely on him.

Since the original film, iconic directors Rob Zombie and David Gordon Green have rebooted the series with their own unique touches. Indeed, there is a rich catalog of Halloween movies at your fingertips. Some of the best entries in the horror movie franchise include Halloween, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Rob zombie Halloween 2, and the 2018 Halloween.

5) Final destination

Horror movie franchises

Final destination came out in the 2000s, when slasher movies were in decline and horror took on a sleek, sexy aesthetic for teenagers. However, Final destination offered something that strayed from standard horror movie franchises. The films deal with a series of Rube Goldbegian kill sequences that unfold with brutal efficiency.

The series is unique for its employment of a killer who was manifested death rather than a traditional killer. Final destination Now has five entries, each loaded with some of the most memorable kill sequences of all time.

4) the slumber party massacre

Horror movie franchises

The slumber party massacre is the least famous entry among the horror movie franchises on this list. The film was originally written as a satire of rampant sexism in the slasher genre. The studio revamped the film to be a more straightforward slasher. The film was written by author and feminist activist Rita Mae Brown. Brown wanted to comment on the gratuitous male gaze and violence against women in the slashers. However, against his will, the producers revamped the project to make it a “serious” slasher.

Executives decided to hire Amy Holden Jones, who shot the movie as a standard slasher movie. However, the satirical elements of the script remained in the film. This created a unique series which is fascinating to watch. The mix of sneaky parody present in the script mixed with scenes that cross the tropes without any self-awareness makes The slumber party massacre horror movie franchise a delight to see.

The franchise is also notable as the first horror film franchise entirely directed by women.

3) the wicked dead

Horror movie franchises

When Devilish death entered the scene in 1981, director Sam Rami started a revolution of budding filmmakers seeking to break into the world of horror film. The film featured a plethora of practical gore effects and innovative camera work that struck a chord with audiences. Indeed, Devilish death as a horror film franchise is a staple of the independent film scene. He even influenced a new generation of filmmakers. Some of these filmmakers include Peter Jackson and Edgar Wright.

The series is still excellent, and horror fans rank among the best comedy horror film franchises of all time. It’s a joy to watch each episode, delving deeper into the humorous energy that defined the first film. Many consider Evil Dead 2 to be one of the greatest horror comedies of all time. Bursting with crazy cinematography and beautifully exaggerated performances, Devilish death the franchise is a cult classic for horror fans.

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features a desolate Texas glow that feels both prehistoric and post-apocalyptic. The film also features one of the most gruesome killers in movie history. It stands out from other horror movie franchises as one of the best horror movies for Halloween. He is singular in his vision of claustrophobia and chainsaw-induced terror. The film has since spawned nine installments. Some of the best entrees include the iconic original, the insane Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and the brutal restart of 2003, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

1) Friday the 13th

Friday 13 stands out in that there are no specific entries that represent the best of horror movie franchises. However, the series is iconic and sparked a lot of controversy upon its release. The series has gone through every iteration imaginable, from going through space to crossing over with Freddy Krueger. The film was a target in the 80s, to the known detriment of the social norm. Indeed, the film on its own redefined the violent content that can be shown in mainstream productions.

Among the best, let us quote the first Friday 13, which does not include Jason at all, and Friday 13 Part III, which finally features Jason donning his iconic hockey mask. Whether you choose a great installment or a mediocre installment, you’ll have a fun, campy time!


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