9 Negative Things Comic Book Creators Said About Marvel Studios


Marvel Studios and the MCU are film behemoths. They introduced millions of fans to characters that were previously only known to comic book fans. What these new fans might not realize, however, is how much movies and TV shows owe the characters, storylines, and details to those source comics.

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Interviews with some of these comic book creators revealed a vein of dissatisfaction – with Marvel in particular. While the movies literally make billions of dollars, the writers who inspired them are often left out of the loop altogether, often leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

9 Ed Brubaker says success of Winter Soldier makes him “a little sick to his stomach”


When Falcon and Winter Soldier debuted on Disney +, writer Ed Brubaker recognized the benefits of working at Marvel in a bulletin. “… but at the same time, for the most part, all Steve Epting and I got to create the Winter Soldier and his story is a” thank you “here and there, and over the years, that is. become more and more difficult to live with. ” He added, “[…] I also can’t deny that I sometimes get a stomach ache when my inbox fills up with people wanting commentary on the show.

8 Anonymous creator explains bad deal he made

Avengers Endgame

The Guardian quotes a Marvel creator who wanted to remain anonymous. They explain the deal that was offered to them after the character they created became extremely popular in the movies. “I was offered a [special character contract] it was really, really terrible, but it was that or nothing, ”they said. “And then instead of honoring it, they send a thank you note and say, ‘Here’s money we don’t owe you!’ And that’s five thousand. And you’re like, “The movie made a billion dollars.”

seven Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos, says “Marvel tends to bring out the worst in me”

Thanos watches the Avengers during Endgame

In 2017, Thanos creator Jim Starlin said he was making more money with Warner Bros. for a minor character in Batman vs. Superman than he did for Thanos, Gamora, and Drax together. The pressure led to a renegotiation with Disney.

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“The cliché is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Starlin said. Hollywood journalist. “The way these agreements are worded, Disney can be more generous if they wish.” In 2018 he said Newsarama, “[…] Marvel has a tendency to bring out the worst in me sometimes.

6 Ta-Nehisi Coates slammed the corporate side of the comic

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates had a high-profile experience on the Black Panther comics that helped set expectations for the hit MCU movie. In an interview with Polygon, he mentioned compensation. “I wish Marvel would find better ways to pay the creators who helped make Black Panther, Black Panther. He noted that he was grateful for the opportunity. “The corporate side of this, though … the corporate side of it isn’t pretty. It’s not pretty at all. How you treat people who create the basis for it, I don’t like it.

5 Len Wein said his lack of credit for Wolverine was ‘frustrating’

Wolverine in hell between two demons

Len Wein created Wolverine and told an interviewer for the LA Times Herocomplex that he was frustrated that the X-Men movies didn’t even credit him. “Yes, of course that’s it [frustrating]. It’s less frustrating for the characters I created at DC. The money comes with anonymity, at least. I have contracts that guarantee me a small portion of the action. Lucius Fox made me a lot more money than Wolverine, although I will say that for the last movie, Marvel sent me a nice check.

4 Fans of artist David Aja want audiences to boycott Hawkeye

The work of artist David Aja has been featured extensively in marketing materials for the hit Hawkeye series. In particular, the cover of Hawkeye, Vol 2: Little Hits has been the model for several promotional materials.

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He confirmed that Marvel Studios had neither paid nor credited him in a Tweet in response to fellow creator Bruno Redondo, who tweeted a photo from the Hawkeye promo with the comment, “Stop crediting writers JUST, especially when l ‘visual tribute is… based on the @davaja cover. Comics are teamwork. Aja replied, “Better yet: stop crediting, start paying, haha.”

3 Artist Gene Colan didn’t fire any punches when asked about his take on Marvel

Carol Danvers set to fight Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel

Gene Colan was another key artist / creator for Marvel. Among his credits are Daredevil, Carol Danvers (who became Captain Marvel), Falcon, and Blade (which he co-created). In a 2001 interview with The comic book review, when the investigator mentioned “[…] you’ve been fooled a number of times, “Colan replied,” Oh, and how! And eyes open. The interviewer mentioned the movie Blade. “You wouldn’t want your kids to see it. They’re going to bring out another one. We are the ones who created the character. We will not take a dime out of it.

2 Writer Marv Wolfman noted his actions spoke louder than words

Blade as depicted in Marvel Comics

Blade co-creator Marv Wolfman sued New Line Cinema and Marvel Entertainment over the 1998 film about the iconic Daywalker. Although he was successful in pressuring the company to give him credit for the character, he received no compensation. He lost the costume and left Marvel for DC, where he created the Teen Titans and others. When asked to work for DC vs Marvel in a email interview in 2008, his answer was short but precise: “I’m in DC. That should tell you something, ”he replied.

1 Iconic designer Jack Kirby saved his anger for Stan Lee

thor costumes

Jack Kirby is a comic book icon, creator of Captain America, and under the direction of writer-editor Stan Lee created Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, the X-Men and more. He gives few interviews, but in 1990 an interviewer from The comic book review asked him if he had spoken to Stan Lee about getting proper credit for his work. “You can’t talk to Stan about anything,” he said. When asked about Stan Lee’s public personality as the face of Marvel, he was blunt. “I think Stan has a god complex. Currently, he is the father of the Marvel Universe. He’s a guy with a god complex.

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