Aldi launches inflatable bumpers just in time for summer fun

Suitable for ages eight and up, these bumpers provide hours of fun (Photo: Aldi)

The sun is shining all over the country, which means that the sale of wading pools, fans and ice cream will undoubtedly be through the roof.

A new The Aldi product may also add to the summer fun, as the German supermarket has launched inflatable bumpers for just £ 14.99.

Suitable for ages eight and up, they’re great for bubble ball games and running races, as well as just bouncing and bumping into each other.

Available in blue and red, you’ll also get seat belts, interior handles, eight inner tubes, and a repair kit, so parents don’t have to worry about their children’s bubbles bursting.

A set of two similar inflatable bumper balls will set you back £ 59 from Amazon, or you can get a smaller set for £ 17.99, which is suitable for the youngest.

Aldi launches inflatable bumpers just in time for summer fun Credit: Aldi

The bumper balls are red or blue in color and have handles inside (Photo: Aldi)

Bubble soccer has grown in popularity in recent years, becoming even more popular in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Players wear the bumper ball on their torso and arms, with the bubble meaning they cannot get too close to others.

You have to play without contact and have fun bumping into each other, much like the bumper cars at the fair.

However, it is not necessary to stick to the official games. These inflatable balls are great for general play and mean toddlers are safe if they fall.

Available to pre-order online now, the toys will be in Aldi stores from tomorrow (Sunday July 18).

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