Alex Ross Releases New “Experimental” Style as Writer and Artist of New Fantastic Four Project


Renowned painter Alex Ross will lend his writing and artistic skills to an upcoming original graphic novel featuring the Fantastic Four, slated for release in August.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics / Abrams Comic Arts)

Co-published by Marvel Comics and Abrams Comic Arts, the 64-page Fantastic Four: Full Circle will be printed in a prestige oversized format similar to the original Marvel Graphic Novels line from the ’80s.

“It’s been the Fantastic Four story that I’ve wanted to tell for years, and visually it’s one of the greatest artistic experiences I’ve tried,” said Ross. Comic, who broke the news. “I’m excited to share this work with everyone, as it unites the two great publishing forces of Marvel and Abrams ComicArts in a bold new collaboration.”

The story of Fantastic Four: Full Circle sends Marvel’s First Family to the Negative Zone, a realm of dark energy and darker beings after a mysterious intruder invades the Baxter building.

Those familiar with Ross’ usual painted art style, which channels the classic feeling of Norman Rockwell paintings into larger-than-life superhero comics, will be surprised by the graphic style of the cover and inside page. shown by ComicBook, which eschews the usual Ross paintings for a more pop-art style for the story.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics / Abrams Comic Arts)

Ross previously used a style similar to the interior artist of the 2008s Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman # 1, which he sketched and inked rather than painting. However, the art on Fantastic Four: Full Circle takes it a step further with Ross’s own colors.

Fantastic Four: Full Circle will be released in August. Stay tuned to Newsarama for more information on upcoming Marvel releases when the publisher’s full solicitations in March 2022 arrive later this month.

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