American Airlines and JetBlue add 24 new flights


American Airlines and JetBlue are adding a slew of new flights just in time for the busy summer travel season.

The aggressive ramp-up – part of the Northeast Alliance airlines partnership announced in February – adds 24 new routes to eight new cities, including the most flights of any other carrier between New York and Florida, the company said. the companies on Wednesday.

Despite the good news, American Airlines on Thursday recorded its fifth straight quarterly loss – a whopping $ 1.25 billion – even as it noted on a earnings call that bookings were improving, which l helped add more routes.

Most of the additions are flights from New York and Boston to cities like Toronto, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Houston.

“With the Northeast Alliance, we are finally able to give our New York and Boston customers what they have been asking for for years – more JetBlue service and more JetBlue discounted fares,” said Scott Laurence, Head of JetBlue’s revenue and planning. in a report.

Airlines have also stepped up their international flights, adding non-stop service between New York City and New Delhi, India, from October 31.

American airlines and Jetblue Airlines planes on the ground.
The addition of new flights is part of the partnership between JetBlue and American Airlines’ Northeast Alliance.
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The partners say they offer more ways to fly between the United States and India than any other airline partnership, with flights to New Delhi leaving three times a week and additional flights with Qatar Airways connecting Seattle to Bangalore, in India as well.

Flights to Athens, Greece, New York from June 3 and Tel Aviv from May 6 had already been announced in February.

American Airlines planes parked on the tarmac.
The majority of the new routes will connect New York and Boston with cities such as Toronto, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Houston.

Other airlines have started adding international routes they previously cut during the height of the pandemic, including Australian carriers Qantas Airways and Singapore Airlines.

American also said it would withdraw the 50-seat regional planes from New York and Washington, DC, replacing them with planes offering two classes of service.

JetBlue plane in the sky.
Airlines plan to add international flights to New Delhi, Athens and Tel Aviv over the year.

“From the beginning of our partnership with JetBlue, we have been committed to providing our customers with more flights, more destinations and a better travel experience,” Vasu Raja, American chief revenue officer, said in a statement.

“We are proud to deliver on these promises for our customers, not only in the Northeast, but across the American Airlines network, who now have better access to the world.”


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