Andrew Benintendi’s commercial reactions: Chris Cotillo and Chris Smith of MassLive discuss the evolution of the latest Fenway Rundown podcast


In this week’s episode of The Fenway Rundown podcast, Chris Cotillo and Chris Smith of MassLive discuss the three-team deal that sent outfielder Andrew Benintendi to the Royals on Wednesday night. The writers are talking about returning to Boston, how the outfield will line up, and Benintendi’s chances of rebounding in 2021.

Here are some highlights:

Chris Smith on the future of Benintendi:

“Not only is he disqualified for playing in the middle of the field right now, but his defense has regressed to the left. On the left, if you know how to play from the wall, this is a fairly easy position to play in Fenway Park. I just think … maybe he’s a late bloomer and maybe he understands some things. Another thing with him is that the strikeout rate has been steadily increasing over the past three years. I remember in 2019 Alex Cora was telling us all the time that he shouldn’t scratch so much. His strikeout rate was too high, and he was still high in 2020. ”

Chris Cotillo in judging the comeback the Red Sox received:

“The positive, upbeat rotation is that the Red Sox knocked down Benintendi for Cordero, and even if it’s a washout, at least you have an extra year of control over Cordero and you also get four prospects. We obviously don’t know the identity of the players who will be named later but it seems like … people are hearing from players named later or from people who are not very good. We are seeing more and more important players being named later just because of everything that has happened. There hasn’t been a season in the minor leagues and the Red Sox seem to want to see some of these guys play before they make a decision.

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