Announcement of the new Pacific Rim Prequel comic, Omnibus Collection


Legendary Comics announces an official graphic novel from Pacific Rim: The Black, as well as a new Pacific Rim omnibus collection.

The Comics Division of Legendary Entertainment has announced two new upcoming Pacific Rim comics: Pacific Rim: power outage and Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus.

First of all, Pacific Rim: power outage is a original graphic novel by writer Cavan Scott and artist Nelson Dániel. Blackout serves as a prequel to the Netflix animated series Pacific Rim: black, which itself is based on director / producer Guillermo del Toro’s film Pacific Rim cinema. The graphic novel is currently available for pre-order at Kickstarter and is slated for release in January 2022.

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Blackout focuses on PPDC fan favorite Ranger Herc Hansen, who returns as “world-weary Jaeger pilot trained in combat as an influx of kaiju threatens to destroy the Australian mainland and all of its inhabitants. With his niece Olivia , his co-pilot Cooper and Marshal Rask, Herc takes on an all-new kaiju of epic proportions while battling his own inner demons. “

Meanwhile, Legendary Comics also announced Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus, which collects the best-selling New York Times title Pacific Rim: Tales of the Year Zero, as good as Pacific Rim: Tales of the Drift, Pacific Rim: The Consequences, Pacific Rim: Amara and even the above Pacific Rim: power outage.

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“The Pacific Rim The universe is so rich with opportunities to tell all new, gripping stories, and we’re excited to bring fans a new prequel adventure based on the popular Netflix animated series, ”said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics . “Showrunners Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle created a story of startling beauty and haunting danger featured in the animated series, and I couldn’t think of a better creative team than Cavan and Nelson to capture this vivid storytelling and what visual style to bring to the page. We are also delighted to offer franchise fans a new collection that allows them to revisit the adventures of the past. “

“Work with Cavan and Nelson to bring this Pacific Rim the story to life has been so much fun, ”added Nikita Kannekanti, editor-in-chief of Legendary Comics. “Cavan does a great job balancing the action with the emotional moments of the characters, and Nelson’s art is so full of energy in every panel. I hope fans enjoy Herc’s story and learn more about what happened before the Blacks! “

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Scott himself intervened, noting that it has been “an absolute joy to return to the world of Pacific Rim for this original graphic novel and also to provide a link between the original film and the fantastic animated series. “

Scott also says that the story of Herc “really resonates with [him]”, describing the character as” a man who has seen the world change and his friends fall as the monsters keep coming. But he never gives in, never lets events he cannot control defeat him. The monsters Herc faces in his personal life are just as destructive as the kaiju that raze towns across Australia. Like always, Pacific Rim is as much a story about people caught in extraordinary times as it is a show of monsters against mechs. It doesn’t mean that Blackout does not feature kaiju killer fight scenes. Nelson did an incredible job balancing cataclysmic events with heartfelt personal moments. I hope Pacific Rim fans young and old alike enjoy these final moments before Australia becomes Black. “

“The Pacific Rim the universe was something that I wanted to draw, the Jaegers and Kaijus and the whole game of proportions is something that I really enjoyed doing, ”Dániel added. “I don’t know how many buildings I draw and how many destroyed, but they are never enough when it comes to epic battles. I hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do when I draw it. “

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Source: Legendary Comics

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