Another Major Shonen Jump Series Heralds The Final Arc


Shueisha has launched a major series of finales and end arcs for many of its manga franchises over the past year or so, and now another major Weekly Shonen Jump magazine series can be added to this growing list! Fans of Shueisha’s various series may have noticed how quickly long-running franchises come to an end. Satoru Noda’s Golden Kamuy just wrapped up its run in Weekly Young Jump, Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is now in the climax of its final act, and Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover has announced its own final arc plans after a hiatus. . Now another series has been added to this list.

The last volume of Hajime Komoto Mashle: Magic and Muscles The series has arrived in Japan, and while the creator both joked about the series’ impending ending and went back on his word about that particular ending, the latest update seems to cement that in place. As spotted by @WSJ_manga on Twitter, Komoto’s special message in the volume announced that Mashle has now officially entered his final arc. For fans following the later chapters, this makes a lot of sense.

With Mashle: Magic and Muscles Kicking off its run with Shonen Jump magazine in 2020, and reaching its 100th chapter not too long ago, it looks like the manga is gearing up for the final battle. Mashle’s true connection to the main villains has been revealed, and now his siblings plan to take him down while their father enacts his final plan. Mash Burndead himself went through intense training before facing his siblings, but it’s clear this could be the end of it.

Now this announcement has confirmed what fans feared with these final chapters. If you’ve been wanting to keep up with the latest Mashle chapters, you can now find the latest releases completely free with Viz Media’s Shonen Jump Digital Library. Physical volumes have also hit shelves, and Viz Media teases Mashle: Muscles and Magic as such, “Mash just wants to live peacefully with his father in the forest. But the only way for him to be accepted into the magic kingdom is to attend a school of magic and become a divine visionary – an exceptional student revered as one of the chosen, but without an ounce of magic to his name, Mash will have to fight his way to the top spot.

What do you think? How do you feel Mashle launch his final arc? How did you like the run of the series overall? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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