Another round of summer weather is coming this weekend


ROCKFORD (WREX) – With much cooler fall weather looming next week, we’ll get another taste of summer weather over the next few days. Fall weather arrives early next week, just in time for the official start of fall.

Weekend heat:

The weekend doesn’t start with sweltering heat, but we’ll get there. Saturday turns out to be cooler than Friday thanks to a cold front that crossed Friday night.

Saturday cools a bit, then temperatures return to warmer levels on Sunday.

High temperatures on Saturday afternoon are nearly 10 degrees cooler than on Friday. After Friday warms up to 90 degrees in Rockford, expect Saturday highs to drop to the 80s lows. A few places outside of Rockford can dip into the upper 70s. The humidity is also dropping, so the weather should be comfortable. Look for sunny skies and a light easterly breeze to complement the conditions.

Sunday reverses the course and jumps to warm levels. Afternoon highs go up around 10 degrees this time, which brings us back to around 90 degrees. The humidity is also increasing, so the weather can feel 90s low and slightly uncomfortable. Another dry and sunny day is on the way with the heat.

Jump in the pool and soak up the heat this weekend, because we might not see such hot weather for a long time. Fall weather is coming next week.

Great cooldown:

Change is in the air next week, and not just because the season officially switches from summer to fall on Wednesday. A strong cold front creates a temperature difference of 20 degrees between Sunday and Wednesday.

The weather is getting a lot cooler next week, and we’re getting closer to our usual schedule for the first frosts.

Monday remains summery, with highs in the mid-80s. We see another sunny day in a row, then showers and thunderstorms come before the cold front. Thunderstorms could start as early as Monday evening and continue until Tuesday morning. Overall, Tuesday offers our best chance of precipitation, with showers continuing for part of the day.

Temperatures could start to cool as early as Tuesday, due to the cold front and clouds interrupting the usual heating. Temperatures may drop in the 1970s for the first time in more than 10 days.

Even cooler air is possible by Wednesday. We may only get warmer in the upper 60s, which is the coolest day we’ve seen in a long time! It should be sunny and dry again by Wednesday.

After a somewhat brisk Wednesday, look for highs to bounce back into the 70s from Thursday. We’re probably staying in the 70s the rest of the week, which is much closer to the average.


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