Artist gives Harry Potter wands a ‘Jurassic Park’ twist


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When it comes to fandoms, two franchises with the most dedicated fan bases are the ones that love the Harry potter books and films and those who love all things, jurassic park. Since fans found out about the two franchises decades ago, their love and loyalty to the two has only grown.

One thing fans of both franchises also love is a good crossover.

Harry potter
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Well an artist took Harry potter and jurassic park and created the ultimate crossover.

Twitter user @juandesignz introduced himself as a graphic designer, Disney alumnus and member of the Hufflepuff House. According to his profile, he also loves working with raptors. He took his love for both Harry potter and jurassic park and created something really inspired. Juan gave several main characters in the jurassic park film their own chopsticks!

Harry Potter holding the wand
Credit: Warner Bros.

Take a look at the amazing designs Juan tweeted below.

What if… The characters in Jurassic Park were wizards. New series of magic wand projects I’m working on. Concept art @juandesignz

#magicwands #jurassic park #What if #hogwarts #Magic #JurassicWorld #jurassicworlddominion #design #conceptual art

As you can see above, Dennis Nedry’s wand is designed after a Dilophosaurus, the dinosaur that killed Ned when he sprayed him with poisonous venom.

John Hammond’s wand is designed after the famous mosquito from which he was able to extract dinosaur DNA, which was the first step in the creation of Jurassic Park. It’s also a design Hammond used for his famous walking stick, so the wand fits him perfectly.

John Hammmond
Credit: Universal

Considering that Dr. Alan Grant was famous for carrying a raptor claw with him at all times, so it’s only fitting that his wand has its own raptor claw. Dr Elli Sattler was a paleobotanist, so it makes sense that her wand was designed after one of the most famous herbivores of all time, the triceratops.

Alan Grant Raptor Claw
Credit: Universal

Not to be forgotten, Juan also included a wand for mathematician Ian Malcolm – famously played by Jeff Goldblum. One of Malcolm’s most famous scenes is when he distracted a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and pulled it away from a passenger vehicle containing children. Since he was so brave – but not so smart – his wand has the famous T-Rex figure.

Ian Malcolm Wand
Credit: JuanDesignz Twitter

Malcolm was best known for saying “Life Finds a Way”, so in true homage to his wands, Ian Malcolm, and jurassic park, Juan advised the following:


Magic does indeed find a way, and maybe someone can find a spell to make those wands a reality!

Which of Juan’s chopsticks designs do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!


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