Attack on Titan Creator explains why he didn’t kill Levi


Despite death and destruction lurking around every corner of Hajime Isayama The attack of the Titans, the creator of the series has decided to make sure that one of the franchise’s greatest characters makes the finale alive and well. With Levi originally slated to come to an end in the manga’s final chapter, the creator made the decision to change course and save the captain of the Boy Scout Regiment who has become a fan favorite.

This was all explained in an interview with one of Isayama’s editors. This is where Shintaro Kawakubo discussed some of the secrets behind the manga’s finale, and he revealed that Isayama wanted to kill Levi before he changed his mind.

“The opposite of Levi’s ending in the last chapter was an option at one point,” Kawakuo admitted. “Isayama said it was good to have a story where Levi dies.”

However, the The attack of the Titans the publisher did not feel the same. Kawakubo said he had a meeting with Isayama whenever the artist wanted to kill a character. These meetings were held to discuss whether the death was significant or not. So, when the two men discussed Levi’s end, Isayama found no valid reason to kill the captain.

“If a character’s death makes sense, so be it. We’re trying to determine if the death makes sense from a story point of view. Facing Levi, Isayama reconsidered his decision.”

Fortunately, Levi survived the finale of The attack of the Titans, but he does not come out unscathed. The hero saw his closest friends die in battle, and he was seriously injured in his battle with Zeke before gaining a few more scars. But in the end, he helped advance the vision Erwin had for years, and that was enough to make life worth it for the fighter.

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