Attention Franchise Recruiters: Are You Good?


Do you strive for excellence by helping people explore your brand? How well do you educate individuals on all things small business ownership and franchising? If you have chosen franchise recruiting as a profession or “vocation”, you should want to be world class in what you do. Ask yourself: is the success I have had in recruiting new franchisees due to practice and skill development, or am I just lucky?

I ask you to get real and consider the root cause of your success. It can be one or more of these reasons.

  • High quality brand. It has amazing unit economics, good funding options, great validation, powerful lead generation, great press, and a solid, proven business model.

  • Hot industry. Over the years, at various times, certain segments of the industry have experienced tremendous growth, regardless of the skill level of the recruiter. Anyone can go out and recruit 20 new franchisees.

  • Dynamic economy. Depending on the brand and industry, economic conditions can create “good times” for signing new franchisees.

  • Need. Today, more and more adults need to consider small business ownership to become self-sufficient and have a chance to achieve their goals and dreams. Regular, long-term employment with a company is not the solution for a growing number of working adults.

If any version of these root causes can apply to your success, no need to apologize. It was you who decided to be with this brand. What I’m trying to get you to consider here is the possibility of a “blind spot”. (Definition of blind spot: thinking you’re good at something and you’re not.) Blind spots in franchise recruiting are dangerous for your brand and your future.

Let’s say you have a great natural talent for connecting and building relationships with people. You have personal experience as a small business owner or franchisee, which allows you to work extensively with a candidate. It is possible that your performance will be average or above average with little or no practice, ongoing training or coaching. You show up, hop on the phone (or Zoom), and get signatures.

I’ve met franchise recruiters who make big six-figure annual incomes and have no idea of ​​the true skills, processes, sciences, and metrics of being a professional franchise recruiter. They are blinded by success and believe they are better than they are. Typically, this is exposed when conditions and circumstances change with the brand, industry, economy, and/or lead generation.

The path to world class

So, you might be wondering, “How do I know if my signature results are based on my skills, my situation, or my luck?” Check yourself against the following items.

Weekly training and skill development. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, talks about the 10,000 hour rule. His research found that it takes around 10,000 hours of intensive practice to master complex skills and materials. If you invest 3 hours a day in practice and skill development, the rule says you could be at mastery level in a decade. Gladwell takes on the 10,000 hours and what it means in a short, raw, rotation-free video. It’s 4 minutes long and you can see it on YouTube (“Malcolm Gladwell debunks the 10,000 hour rule”).

Talent is not enough to be a world-class recruiter. Talent is what we present ourselves with. Talent is more about our natural abilities and strengths. To be world-class requires continuous training and education. Carl Lewis, the most decorated male track and field athlete in history, is fast. He has a natural speed. No one taught or trained him to acquire this natural ability. It’s talent.

But being an expert-level sprinter and multiple Olympic and world champion… the difference came in practice and education. The level of sprint mastery was 100% the result of intense practice, skill development and studying for hours every day over the years. Why was it important? Because all the other top sprinters were born fast too. Sometimes natural talent can keep you from being great.

Does it really have to take 10,000 hours and a decade? Mastery can happen faster. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Practice deliberately intensively with the right program and content.
  2. Use metric and data-driven gap analysis for skills and behaviors.
  3. Get a coach providing guidance and accountability.
  4. Join a peer group with others who want to improve.
  5. Have a daily commitment with fanatical quality and focus.

If you’ve already covered all your bases to become world-class, congratulations! Stick to it every day. If you realize any gaps in your career growth, now you know what to do.

Let’s go to work!

art collie is CEO of CGI Franchise. CGIF was founded in 2015 with a mission to help franchise companies implement and run repeatable and sustainable recruiting systems using the Recruiting Operating System. His team is based in Temple, Texas, and works with brands around the world. Contact him at 281-658-9409 or [email protected]


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