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Every economy, at every stage of development, depends on the resources and ecosystems provided and supported by the environment. The World Economic Forum has estimated that US$44 trillion – more than half of global economic output – is moderately or heavily dependent on nature.

But right now, natural resources are being extracted faster than they can be
restored and are used to provide goods and services that result in
harmful waste such as carbon emissions and plastic packaging.

By presenting natural assets as “capital”, it becomes clearer how
the environment is composed of finite stocks in which one can invest to generate
value or gradient to exhaust value. For this reason, natural capital is a
attempt to better convey the true value of nature and an untapped market
opportunity rooted in truly sustainable returns.

On this basis, we can create a new vision of the world economy, which is
transparent, inclusive and environmentally sustainable. The growing ecology
deficit can be solved by mobilizing investments in conservation,
sustainable management and restoration of natural capital assets.

The time has come to capitalize on natural capital.


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