Batwoman and Clayface Battle in Arrowverse’s Comic Book Crossover (Review)


Natalie Abrams, Kelly Larson, and Clayton Henry’s Earth-Prime: Batwoman #1 kicks off the Arrowverse series with a charming and intriguing first issue.

By now, The CW’s Arrowverse fans are familiar with the big crossover events. But this time, DC’s TV heroes will cross paths in the pages of a new 6-issue limited series. Batwoman writers Natalie Abrams and Kelly Larson are teaming up with a host of talented artists to bring the Arrowverse to comic book readers. Along with artist Clayton Henry, Abrams and Larson get things started in Earth Prime: Batwoman: #1, a fun problem that sets the stage for the rest of the series.

Set after the events of batmanSeason 3, Episode 7 — Earth Prime: Batwoman #1 follows Ryan Wilder as she continues to search for her friend Mary. The hero’s search is interrupted when clayface slime attaches itself to the DNA of a high school student, who uses his newfound powers to get revenge on his bullies. Ryan teams up with his loyal friend Luke Fox to take down this new Clayface and keep the peace in Gotham.

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Readers unfamiliar with CW’s Arrowverse will likely be pretty confused throughout this first issue. Abrams and Larson provide enough background information to make the overall plot accessible, but without an understanding of the series, fans may miss many of the emotional beats in this issue. On the other hand, the lack of exposure helps Abrams and Larson transition seamlessly from one medium to another. Earth Prime: Batwoman #1 hits the ground running and never slows down, making for an exciting, action-packed number that captures the spirit of the series, while enjoying all the comics can do.

Henry’s art takes the characters fans know and love from TV and places them in unfilmable situations. Batwoman’s battle with Clayface is intense and thrilling in a way that live-action would be unable to replicate. The amorphous villain changes size and shape throughout combat without distracting from the action. Henry brings a unique comic book touch to every detail of the book. Each character looks a lot like the Arrowverse actors, but they have access to a slightly more cartoonish set of expressions that help Earth Prime: Batwoman #1 stands out as a comic.

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Colorist Marcelo Maiolo helps add clarity to Henry’s expressive work. It uses a naturalistic color palette that simultaneously echoes the aesthetic of the CW shows and complements the artwork. Maiolo uses various shades of purple and green throughout the number to portray Batwoman and Poison Ivy as opposing forces revolving around each other, keeping Ryan’s search for Mary at the forefront of the audience’s mind. at any time.

Earth Prime: Batwoman #1 ends with a twist that can only mean bad news for the heroes of Gotham and the rest of the Arrowverse. It will be exciting to see Green Arrow and the rest of the gang grapple with the aftermath of this issue throughout the series. Abrams, Larson and Henry all do an excellent job of translating key elements of the batman show in new media. Readers unfamiliar with the Arrowverse will likely be a bit lost, but it’s definitely worth catching up with this exciting new series.

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