Best comic picks of the week: 12/03/21


Another week another comic book series came out, one of which has been desperately awaited for four years.

From the origin of the Amazons to the crime on the streets of New York City, this week’s top comics have emphasized just how diverse the medium’s storytelling can be.

Best comic book releases this week:

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons # 1

Art by Phil Jimenez, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Colors by Hi-Fi, Arif Prianto and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

That’s it. This is the list. Nothing even came close to surpassing that delivered this week. Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing close, so it will be short. Just go read this absolute masterpiece that spanned four years. (My editor has now told me that, no, I can’t just end here.)

But more seriously, this issue is an absolute masterpiece of mythological storytelling and is one of my favorite comics of the year, with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow # 4 and Bold: Friend of the Devil. It’s so good and you can’t stop thinking once you take a little peek inside, before you even read it. To be completely honest, I look at the utterly gorgeous cover as I type.

And really, while the writing is absolutely top notch, phenomenal writing, the art is what makes this book the masterpiece that it is. Phil Jimenez once had one of the best series in Wonder Woman history, but his art, while brilliant, then mostly gave the impression that he was copying George Perez. His art here? Dieu-tier and there is nothing else like it. The care taken with every pencil stroke oozes from the page and seeps into your soul as you read. Every design of Every God and Amazon is phenomenal and it seems mythological in every way it can. It is the work of art that every comic book artist will strive to achieve in the future, and none will likely ever achieve it.

Human target # 2

Written by Tom King, Art and Colors by Greg Smallwood

OK OK, Wonder woman historia wasn’t the only phenomenal book to come out this week. The human target was pretty amazing too, basically for all of the same reasons as Story was great, just done in a drastically different way. It really is a black crime thriller in the best possible way, but this problem swaps shadows and alleys for sunny beaches and it works so well. It’s also probably the most sexually charged comic book that ever features a sex scene, and honestly, that’s just one of the things that makes this issue so appealing to read.

What this problem probably does best is how it makes Ice go down in history. It provides all the information needed about her character for those who have never read anything with her or were just not interested in the character (like me), but goes beyond that. In just two pages, I went from not caring about her to completely falling in love. How did King and Smallwood manage to do this? No idea, but they did and it makes the twist at the end of the issue, as well as Christopher Chance’s inner monologue, all the better.

Daredevil # 36

Written by Chip Zdarsky, illustration by Manuel Garcia, colors by Marcio Menyz

Well this is the last issue of daredevil at the moment, but not really because Reign of the devil is starting soon and it’s basically just a continuation of this series, but for now it’s the end of the official daredevil series. And, just like basically the entire series before it, this issue is awesome. The characterizations of each are excellent, the philosophy is excellent and the pace is excellent.

What this problem does really well is that it acts both as a series finale and as a prequel to the above. Reign of the devil. It’s a balance that’s incredibly difficult to strike, and this question does it very, very well. If that was really the end of Chip Zdarsky’s run with Matt Murdock and Elektra, yes that issue would be very anti-climatic, but it isn’t, so it looks a lot like the calm before the storm, it is what makes the problem so good.

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