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Popular movies getting a sequel and eventually becoming a franchise has been a trend for many years now, like Krrish, Housefull, Sarkar, and many more. But today, directors are doing something unusual: They’ve started announcing films as the first installments of a predetermined franchise.

Ranbir Kapoor – Alia Bhatt’s brahmastra, which has been in the works for years now, is called “the astraverse,” revolving around Indian mythology. But this is only the first part, announced the creators. Director Ayan Mukerji shares that the reason is “confidence, hard work and nervousness”. “We really believe in content. To be honest, we had planned to make a trilogy, and we showed the film as we were doing it. We are confident,” he said.

But what about the fact that it all depends on how the first is received? Mukerji continues, “I know how cinema is, it depends on how the first one is received. I hope we go even further with the second one. brahmastra is a new movie, inspired by hindi cinema, tropes, indian culture, but still a new movie. I hope that young people will get attached to it, it will give us more wings.

Allu Arjun’s blockbuster Pushpa also, was published as Part 1: The climb. Another pre-planned franchise is that of John Abraham Attack, which is out as part 1 at the moment. Director Lakshya Raj Anand says more than confidence, it’s the art of storytelling.

“It’s not just a project that should do well, so we’ll do another one and use the same name. For me, it’s a passion. We created these characters whose journey doesn’t end after the premiere. part, the journey begins. And it takes learning from what happens in part one to parts two and three. It automatically leads to action movies,” he reasons.

What about the box office bet? Anand says, “With the world we live in now, the industry has always been a risk.”

Abraham had also spoken about the same at the trailer launch recently and said, “We are planning to do part 2. We have a script ready. You can only decide to do a part 2 when the studio part is on board.

Trade experts believe that Baahubali This is where it all began. “The creators saw that it was released in two parts, Inception and Conclusion. SS Rajamouli is a genius. The success of this made the creators think and come up with something that could be two parts or a trilogy like that. Also, public memory is too short, it won’t remember if the first part doesn’t do well, that it was announced as a franchise. Two-three years will pass after the release, the creators will say “story nahi mil rahi” , actors will say they’re busy. Log bade bade kaand bhool jaate hain, toh yeh kya hai,” says Atul Mohan.


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