Candy offers vital loan to Chelsea to ‘operate in the short term’


Billionaire Chelsea fan Nick Candy has offered a vital loan to ensure the club last until the end of the season.

Chelsea are currently on the verge of crisis following the sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich.

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The club are no longer able to sell tickets or merchandise and could face financial ruin if the sale does not materialize within the next few weeks.

But property developer Candy, who is believed to be one of the first to buy the club, has offered the club an instant loan, to enable them to “operate at short notice” ahead of a takeover.

A spokesperson for Candy said: “We welcome the announcement that the sale of the club will take place quickly. It’s a reassuring development for fans after a week of great uncertainty.

“If the club needs money to operate in the short term, Mr Candy would be happy to help ensure it has the necessary financial resources, subject to government approval.”

Candy is believed to be preparing an offer of around £2billion for Chelsea and has also has stated its desire to have fan representation on the board if a deal is to be reached.

“I’ve been supporting Chelsea since I was four years old,” Candy told Sky Sports.

“My dad was invited to play for Chelsea. I love Chelsea. I don’t care where it ends, even if it’s not with me, as long as it’s in good hands.

“One hundred percent [the fans need to be included in ownership] and they should be involved. On the board and economically.

Petr Cech has questioned the club’s ability to complete the Premier League season ahead of Sunday’s 1-0 win over Newcastle.

Cech said: “We have to admit that we are going day to day because it is not in our hands. The conversations are about whether we can finish the season and whether we are part of the Premier League. For us, continuing to finish the season would help everyone involved.

“I am not involved in the discussions with the government but the club talks about the license every day. We hope the situation will be clearer soon.

“We hope people working for the club can get their salaries and live their life and work. But that’s a difficult question to answer because I don’t know what the day-to-day license will look like. On the training ground, we try to support each other and focus in difficult times.


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