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Carlos Alcaraz’s mentally and physically taxing turmoil is said to have taught him valuable lessons, including that there are no easy Grand Slam victories.

With his comeback victory, Carlos Alcaraz showed why he is considered the favorite for the French Open title. PA

Among the beauties of Grand Slam tennis is its ability to stretch a match to extreme levels, expose the details of how the game comes and goes, and bring out the best and the worst in a player. in a single game.

Following the completion of his match in the Court Simonne-Mathieu arena, 19-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz would have made a remark or two about the cyclical nature that tennis matches can have, as he showed all his strength of
courage and determination to come from behind and overtake his compatriots, Albert Ramos-Viñolas, 6-1, 6-7(7), 5-7, 7-6(2), 6-4 in the second round of Roland Garros.

Alcaraz is the talk of the town and the Tour at the moment. Many bookmakers place him among the big favorites to lift the famous Mousquetaires Cup, that is to say the Mousquetaires Trophy, on June 6th. After all, the Spaniard is the youngest player to break into the top 10 since Rafael Nadal 17 years ago. His rise to the top materialized at an astronomical rate, and it’s almost bizarre to think that around April 2021 his rank was floating somewhere in the region of 130. During his ascent, the sixth head series has won five titles, including this season’s Masters in Madrid and Miami.

Buoyed by 11 straight wins, including victories over the biggest of the fish, Nadal and Novak Djokovic, in back-to-back matches, Alcaraz started like a Ferrari, as one might expect, rolling the first set 6-1 . Completely dominant (and, at times, tricky, with his dropshots) from the baseline, everyone understood why the 19-year-old was called a clay-court specialist.

No stranger to the tips and tricks from the box, having won most of his professional matches on clay (180 out of 254), Ramos-Viñolas, 34, had his say in how the encounter went, as he took the next two sets 7-6(7), 7-5. Remaining disciplined on his serve and in the rallies, his unremarkable consistency reached the extravagant skill and power of Alcaraz, who was driven to commit more forced errors (19 and 12) and unforced errors (24 and
15) in sets 2 and 3, while his forced and unforced errors were only 7 and 2 in the first set.

At the start of set 4, Alcaraz broke Ramos-Viñolas’ serve and took a two-0 lead but, wasting no time, the former world No.17 clawed back the lost ground. From then on, there was a growing feeling that the game was slipping from the clutches of the young Spaniard, who peaked at 5-4 when Ramos-Viñolas served for the game.

The heroism of saving the match point proved to be the spark that re-energized the teenager and turned the dynamics of the game upside down. Following this, there was an air of inevitability around Alcaraz, as he broke Ramos-Viñolas’ serve to level the score and eventually won the set in the tie-break with relative ease.

In the fifth set, the tide turned again as the 34-year-old found himself leading the set 3-0.

However, the sense of imminence and self-confidence surrounding Alcaraz had not alienated him and, keeping his composition under pressure – his most impressive feature throughout the match – he came roaring back to grab six of seven games. following and clinch the contest, while successfully displaying the full range of his passing, dropping and volleying shots in the process.

Alcaraz’s first Tour victory was against Ramos-Viñolas more than two years ago in Rio de Janeiro. After more than four and a half hours of grueling but engrossing tennis, Alcaraz secured their 30th win of the season – a stunning feat in itself. But this mentally and physically taxing turmoil with his fellow Spaniard would have taught him valuable lessons, including that there are no easy Grand Slam victories.

The 19-year-old will now face 27th seed Sebastian Korda of the United States on Friday in the third round of French Open.

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