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Nintendo and Illumination announced that the Super Mario Bros. The animated film will hit the big screen just in time for Christmas next year. Better yet, the voice cast has also been revealed and includes some surprising names, such as Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as Mario and Luigi. A new poster revealing a familiar question mark block also reveals that the film will arrive just in time for Christmas with a release for the 2022 holiday season.

A full cast list has been revealed, and it’s a very impressive group of names. This includes Chris Pratt (guardians of the galaxy) like Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) like Fishing, Charlie day (It’s always nice in Philadelphia), Jack Black (Jumanji franchise) like Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peel) as toad, Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express) like Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen (Portlandia) like Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson (Teen Titans) like Kamek, and Sebastian Maniscalco (Irish) as Foreman Spike.

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In video games, the character of Mario has long been voiced by voice actor Charles Martinet. Nintendo has confirmed that the super mario bros. the animated film will feature “surprise cameos” by Martinet, although it is not clear what exactly that means. He won’t necessarily play the part of Mario with Chris Pratt taking on the red hat, but it should help longtime Nintendo fans know that Martinet’s voice will be a part of the film in one way or another.

Maybe sadly super mario bros. has already been adapted into a feature film. In 1993, Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo played the brothers in a live-action adventure, although it was much darker than the Bright and Colorful video game series. It has been widely criticized, in part because of the little in common with its source material, but it has developed somewhat in the following years. Fans have since restored an extended cut of this original super mario bros. movie that came out online.

Because first Mario film was a total bomb at the time, Nintend was much more careful when it came to letting Hollywood attack their intellectual property. This is why there was no super mario bros. film since, and the same can be said for THE Legend of Zelda and other popular Nintendo titles. The company will be a little more active this time with Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto produces and serves “at the forefront” of the project alongside Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri.

“It’s an ambitious task,” Meledandri previously said of bringing Mario and his friends back to the big screen, according to Variety. “The challenge is to take things so thin in their original form and find a depth that doesn’t compromise what generations of fans love about Mario, but also feels organic to the iconography and can support structure in. three acts. “

super mario bros. hits theaters in North America on December 21, 2022. With a date on the board and full cast revealed, hopefully a preview for the film will be revealed in the near future.

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