Comic Con Special Edition Badge Registration Recap: Steady As She Goes


It’s been since 2019 that one of us had to deal with the waiting rooms and badge sales at Comic-Con International, and during that time CCI overhauled the system just in time for the Comic Special Edition. November con. Many were nervous, as we were all conditioned to be triggered by the words ‘Comic-Con’ and ‘Badge Sale’, but this morning’s badge sale went (most of the time) without a hitch.

Badges are still available for the convention November 26-28, but we’ll be focusing on the first hour or so of the sale.

So how did today’s sale go?

The waiting room

No more waiting room for EXPO Logic, as well as the unique registration codes to enter. Instead, starting at 10 a.m., we all entered a countdown to sale page, hosted by Queue-It (which is also what CCI uses for the hotel sale. , so SDCC participants should at least know him vaguely).

There was no benefit to arriving early, because after 11 a.m., everyone was randomized to a queue. However, unlike under the EXPO Logic room where we were all swimming in a bowl of cereal waiting for the large invisible cereal spoon to pick us up at random (a real metaphor made by CCI, for those who are not familiar) – Queue- It gave a much clearer picture of the situation. Namely, he told you your expected wait time, both in terms of minutes of wait and the exact time he expected. And with everyone’s favorite “walking man” in visual form.

It’s a Great advantage of using Queue-It, because everyone had a good idea of ​​what their expectation would be. If you are working in a group, you and your group could communicate about the order you would be placing and strategize from there. We sincerely hope that this system will be applied to San Diego Comic-Con badge sales, if only for this functionality. And we’re not the only ones hoping that this will happen.

The sale

Immediately at 11 a.m., participants reported having successfully purchased badges. Since there was only one badge type available (3-day combo badges), the concern for specific out-of-stock days has been removed.

The sale was a snap for the vast majority of participants, with people moving quickly to the purchase.

At 12:15 p.m., just 75 minutes after the sale started, the wait time to purchase badges was less than a minute.

Of course, as with any sale, there are some communication issues and issues. Although CCI’s purchase instructions showed that due to a quirk of the new system, badges would show up as “free” until you clicked add to cart, they probably didn’t explain that pretty well. Many were very confused by this, fearing that the “free” part would mean they were transferring their regular SDCC badge in November (they weren’t).

By far the biggest “surprise” of the sale, however, was that it only allowed people with an address in the United States or Canada to checkout. If you entered an address in another country, the system would not allow you to checkout. This was not communicated at all prior to the sale, and certainly should have been.

There were a few other people with problems, but they were few.

Overview and next steps

It was a very smooth sale of badges. Yes, demand is lower than at San Diego Comic-Con – it’s still unclear which exhibitors and panels will be at the convention, it’s over Thanksgiving weekend, there’s still a little thing called a pandemic. ravaging the country – but even the addition of the queue – makes it an improvement over some of the systems previously in place. And for those who’ve struggled to get San Diego Comic-Con badges in the past, now’s their chance to get some of that Comic-Con magic (and also as an added bonus, a spot in Returning Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2023).

CCI needs to work on their communication, especially the confusing “free” part of adding to cart (it was illustrated in their walkthrough, but they never drew attention to it in the text or elsewhere), and concerning the issue of the international address.

But overall, we’re hoping this system will continue for San Diego Comic-Con in the future, with some minor tweaks. This tweet perhaps best sums up most of the feelings about today’s sale:


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