Comics to read if you like Netflix’s The Sandman


Of all the many comic book series that will leave fans of Netflix’s “The Sandman” captivated and amazed, one stands above them for a very simple and straightforward reason: it’s the official and canonical sequel to the story of Dream.

After Neil Gaiman finished the original series, he only revisited it once, with the prime and critically acclaimed “The Sandman” Overture.” And then the Dreaming, and the larger universe around it, sat silent and unused for years. That is, until DC and Gaiman decided to let the characters live through a series of comics that focus on the Dreaming, its inhabitants, and the world they inhabit.

The first and perhaps best of these sequels is Simon Spurrier’s ‘The Dreaming’, which follows the titular dimension of dreams as it is forced to adapt to a new lord – a strange, arcane being of logic. and numbers. Although it wasn’t related to “The Sandman,” Spurrier’s writing and The art of Bilquis Evely alone make it worth reading. The series was released under the banner of “The Sandman Universe“, and it shares this banner with a number of other sequels and spinoffs, all interesting comics to read if you like Netflix’s “The Sandman”.


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