DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover # 5: Quick Scares



DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover # 5 may have too many colon in its title, but I enjoy the series as a whole. Including the backup stories and old commercials, the series is well executed. I liked having shorter segments, especially the always nice one Tales from the Artifact Room, and stories because it didn’t give you enough time to calm down between scares. Whether it’s the casual comic book fans, horror fans, movie fans and everything in between, there is enough for everyone. The link with the film does not seem to depend on the film. Despite “The Lover” concluding, “Continued in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” the series feels solid enough to stand on its own. Readers won’t miss a thing if they don’t rush to watch the film.

There was no shortage of the highlight, but it could have been better executed. Jessica’s flashbacks to Katie were helpful and painted a clearer picture, but they just confirmed what most readers were inferring. A shorter flashback or including them before Katie died would have been more effective. That being said, the horror of the situation is at an all-time high in Number 5. The shock of Number 4 turned into a terror in its own right once Jessica realizes what she’s been up to and what she’s been doing. she decides she has to do it. At the end of issue 5, and just before Jessica’s apparent suicide, the blurred lines of reality and illusion make the series even more haunting.

With October here, I’m sad to see the series come to an end. Ads are perfect for Halloween, so it’s a shame the show narrowly missed this time of year. Overall, DC Horror Presents is a solid addition to DC Comics and I hope to see more of it, whether it’s related to The Conjuring or not. I would absolutely love to see more of these ads. They are great fun, imaginative, and scary in the best way. Despite the horror of the stories, the advertisements remind you that you are reading a comic, which makes you appreciate the stories even more.



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