Diablo 4 Necromancer Class Revealed; Opening of CBT pre-registrations


Pre-registration for the Diablo 4 Closed Beta is now open – just in time for the reveal of Diablo 4’s final class – the Necromancer.

Diablo 4 Necromancer Class Trailer

Blizzard has unveiled Diablo 4’s final and final class with the Necromancer’s cinematic reveal trailer. The Necromancer is a classic character from the Diablo franchise who first appeared in Diablo II. The class has since appeared in every Diablo game, including Diablo Immortal, and even Heroes of the Storm. The iconic character’s reveal is expected, but its official confirmation still has Diablo fans everywhere excited.

The next title in the popular Diablo franchise is perhaps Blizzard’s biggest upcoming game, even bigger than their esports flagship Overwatch 2, which had its time in the spotlight earlier today. However, with the release of Diablo Immortal and its very poor monetization practices ruining the entire gaming experience for many, fans are understandably wary of the next mainline Diablo game.

On top of that, Blizzard has quietly opened up pre-registration for the game’s closed beta testing phase. This will allow players to opt into a closed beta slot when testing begins, possibly later this year. To take part in this test, players simply need to go to the official Diablo 4 website, which automatically directs players to the CBT opt-in page. The game will eventually release on PC via Battle.net, Xbox Series X, and PS5.


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