Did Morbius almost debut as Dracula in Amazing Spider-Man #101?


In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out how Morbius was originally meant to be introduced in amazing spider man #101 as Dracula!

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The vampire in Amazing Spider-Man #101 was originally meant to be Dracula instead of Morbius.


fundamentally true

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In any event, one of those legends has to do with the fact that Morbius being a “living vampire” had nothing to do with the restrictions of the Comics Code. As I pointed out in a non-book Comic Book Legends Revealed, the comic book code had nothing to do with the restrictions on Morbius, because the comic book code had been changed to allow vampires in the code-approved comics months before Morbius was introduced.

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No, the whole “living vmapire” was born for a whole other reason. You see, the original plan for amazing spider man #101 was for Spider-Man to fight…DRACULA!

You see, while Stan Lee had given up writing about amazing spider man temporarily after #100 (hilariously leaving the inbound writer to have to figure out how to deal with Lee giving Spider-Man four extra arms at the end of that issue) he was still Marvel’s editor and it is he who told Roy Thomas (who was temporarily taking over writing duties on the book) that he wanted Spider-Man to fight a vampire next.

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In TwoMorrows Cartoon Artist #2Thomas had an interview/chat with Lee and Thomas noted, “You were still involved in the drafting, because it was right after the Code was liberalized, and you told us you wanted Spidey to fight a vampire. Gil and I were going to bring in Dracula, who wasn’t a Marvel character yet, and you said, “No, I want a super-villain vampire.” So we invented Morbius, the Living Vampire.”

It was the hook of the “Living Vampire” idea, not to avoid comic book code, but to make a distinctive take on vampires at Stan Lee’s request.

Thomas recalled to the universe of universal monsters how he and Kane went on to develop the look of this “sci-fi” kind of vampire…

Gil sketched out the character with me sitting with him, and we discussed the overall look…so it’s a little hard to tell exactly who came up with what. After all, the costume is pretty generic…and the face makes sense for some sort of human vampire bat. As you probably know, I came up with the name Morbius…which I later remembered was the name of the character Walter Pidgeon played in the beautiful 1956 movie “Forbidden Planet”. Regardless… there’s no connection between the first movie and Gil’s and my (and Stan’s) Morbius except for the name.

Amusingly, however, the success of Morbius likely played a role in Stan Lee’s desire to do more vampire content, including what turned out to be a new book about Dracula in the Marvel Universe…

So the Dracula connection was finally met (and as you saw, Spider-Man even got to fight him at one point).


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