Does Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake hint at the future of Final Fantasy?


The remake of Dragon Quest III is very different from that of Final Fantasy VII. He suggests a faithful and cheaper route to remake old Square Enix adventures.

Dragon quest is perhaps the king of old-school JRPGs, maintaining the same gameplay, artistry, and tone throughout its decades of existence. While it never enjoyed the same success as Square Enix’s other big franchise, Final fantasy, it’s easily one of the biggest names in the JPRG pantheon, along with other franchises such as Pokemon and Shin megami tensei.

It has just been announced that Dragon quest iii, one of the best and most beloved entries in the franchise, will receive an improved remake in the vein of Octopath Traveler. This style of remake is quite different from Final Fantasy 7 VII remake, and it suggests that this more profitable approach is the direction Square wants to take its old franchises.

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Dragon Quest III Remake

Contrary to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake will retain its classic gameplay and graphic style. While Final Fantasy VII remake has been rebuilt from the ground up and received a new look and a new combat system, Dragon questThe remake of will play the same as the original version, but with stunning modern graphics.

The revamped version of the most popular Final fantasy ever was definitely well received, especially considering how different it was from the original version. It was also a commercial success, becoming the best-selling entry in the franchise. However, fans were definitely hesitant about his changes up front, and his multi-part, padded nature was one of his biggest criticisms.

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Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Certainly doesn’t seem to be making the same mistakes, just adding a new coat of paint to the game in the same way its Super Famicom remake did. This may suggest Square’s reluctance to repeat its Final Fantasy VII remake strategy. As such, it may also suggest a fresh take on future remakes of both series.

The future of Final Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, the remake of Final Fantasy VII was more than just a graphics upgrade. Its lack of turn-based battles from the original version also spoke of the general direction of the franchise, as modern. Final fantasy has increasingly eschewed classic elements in favor of more accessible and action-based combat systems. This resulted in a much more expensive game than expected. While sales made up for the financial effort, a similar remake for a game less popular than Final Fantasy VII would probably not have the same success.

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Dragon quest, being the last bastion of classic JRPG elements, has rarely deviated from this course. This kept him from achieving the same popularity as his brother franchise, and he is known to only find a large following in Japan. So, the upcoming remake is a way to capitalize on the nostalgia for the game while still keeping the budget achievable enough to make a good profit.

With others Dragon quest games or even the trigger of a stopwatch, Square could probably plan to release similar remakes for the past. Final fantasy adventures. These Final fantasy the remakes could act as a tie-in to the series’ legacy as new games move in a very different direction. Whether or not this happens depends on how Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake plays on the graphics. The interest of old school fans in this project will therefore likely be the deciding factor in the future of Final fantasyhas passed.

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