Dominique Wilkins criticizes Kevin Durant’s trade request: “We get paid to provide service for our franchise, so I would like to see some guys stay with these franchises a bit longer.”


Kevin Durant shocked everyone when he asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade hours before free agency opened. The two-time NBA champion looked set to send him back to Barclays Center, but things got worse, with Durant asking to leave the Brooklynites after just three seasons with them.

Following this decision, many people spoke about it, some supporting and others attacking KD. Fans and analysts are constantly discussing this situation, and even former players have chimed in on it, giving another perspective to this claim.

While Scottie Pippen recently sided with Durant, Dominique Wilkins has a different take on the KD saga. Instead of supporting him, he criticized the former MVP’s decision, saying he would like to see the players honor their contracts and stay with their franchises.

“I’m cut from the old school cloth,” Wilkins explained, via Wenzell Ortiz of Sideline Sources. “At some point, players will have to realize that no matter what trials and tribulations you go through, you have to hang in there and hold on. We get paid to provide a service to our franchise, so I would like to see guys stay with those franchises a bit longer.

“Yeah, a lot happened in Brooklyn; a lot of moving parts that didn’t quite click or fit together. So I can understand [Kevin Durant’s] frustration – believe me, I can understand his frustration. But sometimes, you know, you don’t want to leave a situation to move on to something worse. It’s the chance you take.

KD’s decision stirred the pot in the community. Everyone has something to say about it and it won’t change any time soon. The Nets have a lot on their hands right now with Durant and Kyrie Irving, and while some believe they’ll both stay on the team until opening night, things could change at any moment.

Durant’s decisions are constantly criticized, but it’s something he’s gotten used to after all these years.


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