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While the first thoughts that may pop into many people’s heads when they hear the term “comic book” are of the larger-than-life characters that populate so many modern summer blockbuster movies, superheroes are not not the only subject contained in the pages of the beloved print format.

For those who read and love comics, they know that a virtually endless number of stories can be told using the graphic medium, with more and more creators and fans sharing their art every year – a fact. which is now celebrated every year on “Free Comic Book Day”, which has been held on the first Saturday in May since 2002.

He will be seen at two local Solano County businesses – Waterfront Comics in Suisun City and Zeppelin Comics in Benicia.

Comics have come a long way since they were first sold on revolving racks in the corner of local five-cent stores; thousands of specialty comic book stores have opened over the years that not only provide a place to buy assorted books and memorabilia, but they also create and foster shared communities for people to come together in their love for their publications and favorite characters.

A collaboration between comic book publishers, independent retailers, and Diamond comic book distributors, “Free Comic Book Day” has become a fan-favorite event for the past 20 years.

It starts with publishers printing an ever-increasing number of special editions that are sent to participating stores for free distribution – encouraging people of all ages to learn more about the wide variety of comics available, ranging from beginning readers to seasoned readers. veterans, and also to bring business to locally owned independent shops and stores across North America.

“When I was a kid, my favorite comic was always Captain America – the first comic I read was the one where he fought a Nazi vampire and cut his head off with his shield. I was 6 years old, I was like wow, that’s like the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” said John Harter, who opened Waterfront Comics in Suisun City in 2003.

Since then, the store has taken part in the “Free Comic Book Day” every year and tries to make it a fun event for everyone.

“We usually have a little street fair with, where local artists come out and do free sketches for the kids, over the years we’ve had Star Wars cosplayers, we’ve had the Ghostbusters appear, GI Joe, Spiderman, there’s a lot going on in pop culture,” Harter said.

“And of course, we’ll be giving away thousands of comics — we’re also partnering with local Solano County library branches, we’ve provided them with free comics, so every branch will have some as well.”

Natasha and Dan Curtis opened Zeppelin Comics in Benicia about seven years ago after developing a love for comics and attending events such as Wondercon with their children when it was at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

“Every year what we do is we commission a different comic artist to design a shirt for us which we then unveil on Free Comic Book Day. Our artist this year is Betsy Cola, she’s an up-and-coming artist who’s done mostly Marvel covers, she’s based in the Philippines,” said Dan Curtis.

“We attend a lot of conventions and network and try to get artists for signings and organize different events and so on.”

Along with picking up special merchandise and of course free comics, visitors can also expect a strong turnout from fans dressed as their favorite characters.

“We have a really strong cosplay community around it, so it’s fun to see who’s coming out and who’s dressing up,” Natasha Curtis said.

“Our neighbors will also have performers and vendors, so it will be like a little block party.”

If you are going to:

When: Saturday

Where: Waterfront Comics, 609 Main St., Suisun City, 707-425-6308,
Zeppelin Comics, 929 First St., Benicia, 707-297-6126,

No cost


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