Fans talk about this exorcism movie just in time for Halloween


There are many exorcism movies in the horror movie realm that are sure to make your skin crawl and nightmares alive and terrifying. Of The Exorcist and Reqiuem To Ownership and Haunting in Connecticut, you can find different levels of terror and fear for whatever suits your mood.

One of the most beloved exorcism films is The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and fans are talking about it just in time for a scary season. A thread on Reddit shed light on how many fans consider this to be one of the most terrifying and engaging exorcism movies of all time. There are some notable scenes and performances that still chill viewers to this day, so much so that some of them have only just started to be able to watch them fearlessly.

The user might not have expected the response, but many fans feel the same way. The film is truly terrifying and seems to really hit the mark with many viewers. It follows the trial of a reverend who performed an exorcism that led to the death of a young woman. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, and while some argue possession is real, others say it needed medical help.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Reverend Moore is being sued for the wrongful death of a girl believed to be possessed by demons, because he administered the church-sanctioned exorcism that ultimately killed her. Advocate General Ethan Thomas argues that the young woman, Emily, suffered from schizophrenia and should have been medically diagnosed. Meanwhile, defense lawyer Erin Bruner argues that Emily’s condition cannot be explained by science alone.

Many of the feed’s users shared specific points from the film that terrified them.

This user had an even more terrifying connection to the film.

This user has been a longtime horror fan and still cannot watch the movie as often. Many fans echoed that thought exactly, claiming that there are movies they’ll only watch once – or a handful of times at most, and these are the most terrifying.

Have you seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose? If not, are you considering adding it to your Halloween watchlist, or will you avoid this one? Let us know.


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