Fear State’s Taylor discusses Nightwing’s return to Gotham City


In an interview with CBR, veteran writer Tom Taylor discussed Batman’s former partner Nightwing and his role in “Fear State.”

Tom Taylor is no stranger to writing comic book events. Although he is known for his contributions to the Star wars universe, Taylor took the reins of the DC Comics event series Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Deceased mini-series. He also did an equally impressive job for Marvel Comics, writing the Dark times event series, as well as several monthly titles for the publisher, including All New Wolverine, Superior Iron Man, and X-Men Red. Taylor recently became the monthly writer for two different ongoing DC comic book series, Superman: Son of Kal-El, and Night wing. His writing assignments on the last of these monthly series got him in the midst of another event script, “Fear State,” which originated in Batman and spread throughout the Bat-Family of titles.

Taylor and Bruno Redondo Night wing # 84 sees Dick Grayson entering DC’s “Fear State” scarecrow-centric event. Taylor took the time to answer a few questions regarding what was going on on the show, teased the return of Batman’s first Robin to Gotham City, and shared the inspiration behind the four-legged companion who recently came into life. by Nightwing.

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CBR: What kind of role will Nightwing play in Fear State?

Tom Taylor: Nightwing will play an absolutely crucial role in Fear State. The Anti-Oracle threatens everything and she knows too much. She wants to destroy Dick’s family and especially wants to see the end of Barbara Gordon as Oracle. Nightwing will team up with Batman and Babs to take on one of the biggest threats to all of Gotham City in “Fear State.”

CBR: What made the right time to bring Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl?

It’s not about the right time. This is the moment that demands it. Barbara Gordon is Oracle and Batgirl and has held both roles for years. However, with new experimental technology helping his spine, Babs had to be careful. In “Fear State”, his role as Oracle will be compromised. And worse yet, everything she’s built as an Oracle will become a direct threat to the people she loves. Barbara Gordon is not someone who can stay there while her Bat-Family is under attack. She’s going to make a tough decision. Time will tell if it’s the right one.

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CBR: Your previous stories are known to provide incredible moments of fan service. What is the moment or scene in this story that you are most excited for fans to see?

I can’t say too much about it. I don’t want pre-service fans … Wait, that sounds weird. But I’ll say number 84 is my first time writing Batman and Nightwing together in this series, and there are definitely some moments there that should make fans smile. Robbi Rodriguez, our brilliant guest artist for “Fear State”, handles these moments with Adriano Lucas so well.

CBR: What will be the impact of “Fear State” on Nightwing in the long term?

I think, more than anything, that some of the more difficult events of “Fear State” could bring our characters even closer.

CBR: What kind of guest stars can we expect to see in this story?

It will be a family event, so others will certainly step in to help. We’ll see more of the Batgirls in Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. Tim Drake, who is already in our series, will also lend a hand.

CBR: Recently, several new characters have been introduced to the world of Batman, such as Clownhunter, Ghostmaker, and Punchline. Which of these characters would you most like to bring into Nightwing’s life?

Gotham has some amazing new characters wreaking havoc, but in the town of Bludhaven, Nightwing has its own issues that go beyond Batman’s rogue gallery. Heartless, Blockbuster, and a whole city of criminals have their eyes set on Nightwing. After the events of “Leaping into the Light”, Dick Grayson angered many powerful and cruel people. We’ll see the first ramifications of that when Bruno Redondo returns for issue 87, which is one of the most ambitious comics I’ve ever been a part of. This is something Bruno and I have wanted to do for years. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

CBR: Who came up with the idea of ​​giving Nightwing a puppy, and what do you hope she will bring to her legacy?

Ha! Haley, or “Bitewing”, was my idea, but the whole team immediately fell in love with her. Jessica Chen added the pretty famous “heart” when Babs first saw Haley, and I think it was her own heart. The idea behind Haley was to show that Dick cares about everyone, no matter how small, and to give Dick a constant companion and unconditional love. It was also about being responsible for another living being. Bruno and I both have dogs and children, so we are very used to having a puppy in the house and the extra care it needs.

Nightwing # 84 is by Tom Taylor, Robbi Rodriguez, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott and goes on sale September 21 at DC Comics.

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