From Shirtless Levi to Annie Eating Pie, Attack on Titan Fans Are Angry After Episode 83


Episode 83 of Attack on Titan had fans laughing yesterday, with the appearance of “Shirtless Levi” and “Annie Pie” sending the community into meltdown.

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan has, in general, been a dark and deadly chapter for the Scouts.

With doomsday stakes and betrayals between siblings, there has arguably not been a ‘comic’ moment since Gabi was completely embarrassed by the stables horse Braus.

Episode 83 featured major moments in the larger storyline, including the formation of the “Revengers” looking to confront Eren.

However, fans around the world are sharing their reactions to Attack on Titan Episode 83 as the community digests two not-so-important moments.

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Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2





Summary of episode 83 of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Episode 83 (Season 4 Episode 24) “Pride” opened with Hange and Levi escaping into the forest after Zeke’s near-fatal attack.

Levi is seriously injured and has lost two of his fingers, with Hange having to stitch up his facial injuries. The scene then cuts to the couple talking to Magath and Pieck, stating that their goals now align since Zeke’s betrayal and Eren’s declaration of war.

Meanwhile, Conny takes Falco to Ragako Village where his mother Titan is being held as an observation station. However, Falco overhears Conny talking to himself and prepares to be sacrificed – only for Conny to say they are here to “brush the Titan’s teeth”.

Armin and Gabi arrive just in time as Conny threatens to kill Falco and feed him to the Titan. Armin then climbs on top of the Titan and offers to sacrifice himself in Falco’s place, jumping straight into the Titan’s mouth. However, Conny makes the decision to save Armin and let Falco go, explaining how he wants to become a soldier his mother could be proud of.

We then see Mikasa visiting Louise in the hospital, she says she has shrapnel wounds, but she hasn’t regretted following Mikasa into joining the scouts – Mikasa takes over the Eren’s scarf.

Next comes the most hilarious break-in for Attack on Titan so far; Conny, Armin, Falco and Gabi are enjoying a pie in a nearby town when they realize Annie is sitting right next to them. Annie continues to devour her pie as Conny taunts her, she decides to join them on their journey to stop Eren and leaves Hitch.

Back in Shiganshina, Floch prepares to execute Yelena and Onyankopon for being part of Zeke’s plan. However, Jean decides not to shoot them when the Cart Titan suddenly appears, knocking both the prisoners and Jean away from the Jaegerists.

The group escapes, with the team now consisting of Mikasa, Armin, Conny, Jean, Falco, Annie, Gabi, Onyankopon, Pieck, Magath, and Yelena – though she is offered to Magath for her part in the war.

The episode then ends with Reiner awakened by the group, shocked by the image in front of him. He watches in horror as Conny says they’re going to save the world.

Fans React to Episode 83 “Pride”

Attack on Titan Episode 83 may not have had the great fight sequences of previous episodes, but the anime adaptation’s final chapter had everything fans wanted.

Of course, one of the main headlines in the community is the appearance of “Livaï shirtless”, which was not only trending on Twitter but also on Google Trends after the premiere.

While Levi remains one of the best weapons the scouts possess, his injuries can severely hamper his ability to help their mission. with more fans praising Hange’s sewing skills than Levi’s fighting powers.

The funniest moment since Yelena’s infamous face came from Annie after she met Armin, Conny, Gabi and Falco at a local market. Seemingly mid-bite, Annie decides not to spit out her food or stop eating; instead, stuffing her face in what is easily my favorite gif from the last season.

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