Girl rushes down Dempsey Road, driver puts brakes just in time


A girl crosses Dempsey Road on December 11

As children, our parents often remind us to look both ways before crossing the roads. However, energetic children sometimes get too aroused and forget to do so.

On Saturday, December 11, a girl raced through Dempsey Road without checking for oncoming traffic.

At that time, a car was turning on the road. Fortunately, the driver applied the brakes in time, thus avoiding an accident.

Car narrowly avoids girl crossing Dempsey Road

On Monday (December 13), the Facebook page shared a video of the December 11 incident.

At around 11am the driver was driving from Holland Road to Dempsey Road.

As they were about to re-enter the girl ran between 2 cars waiting to get out and looked like she was ready to cross the driver’s lane.


It stops just in time, just when the driver brakes to avoid it.


A woman, possibly the girl’s mother, also ran behind her, preventing her from rushing.

The mother apologizes to the driver

The mother then guides the daughter across the road as she raises her hand to apologize to the driver.

road dempsey girlSource

She could then be seen gesturing to her daughter as if to reprimand her for charging recklessly across the road.

Another little boy then followed them on a scooter.

road dempsey girlSource

Extremely sorry for the incident, the mother gave the driver another apologetic wave before leaving with her children.

Driver reminds others to watch out for intersections

In the Facebook post, the driver said he was lucky he managed to stop just in time.

They also reminded all drivers to be very careful at dangerous junctions, like this one near Dempsey Hill.

They said the young children in the neighborhood could run, seemingly out of nowhere, without proper accompaniment from their parents.

Remind parents to watch children closely

We are happy that the driver was vigilant and was able to stop his car in time before the unthinkable happened.

This incident is a good reminder for drivers to be vigilant when navigating through busy intersections.

It also serves as a lesson for parents to be extra vigilant and keep a close watch on their children when crossing the roads.

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Featured image adapted from on Facebook.


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