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AUSTIN, Texas, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Imagine memories of campfire ghost stories. Flickering flames, crackling smoke, stoking the fire with a stick, in the dead of night – and then it was about time. It’s time for heartbeats, suspenseful ghost stories leading to a crescendo that would make a person JUMP and scream at the end. These moments can be traced back, leading to the scariest, scariest, scariest, scariest, scariest stories, just in time for Halloween.

Kick back, unwind with a bourbon, hot toddy, café au lait or cocoa by the fire place, and get ready to chill your ears with one of these episodes from Books on Pod with Trey Elling:

  • GOROUS DETAILS. Writer and scientific editor Erika Engelhaupt Converse with Trey Elling whether your dog would eat you if you died, the rise of maggot farms, how a meat fly’s love for sperm can compromise a crime scene, the violent tendencies of meerkats and dolphins towards theirs, cannibals and the true nutritional value of a human, feces transplants, that chlorine kills urine in a swimming pool, why clowns are so scary, and misophony – a strong (and even rabid) reaction certain sounds, such as running water, chewing, chewing gum, or the tapping of a pencil.
  • IT TAKES SO GOOD: THE SCIENCE AND THE CULTURE OF PAIN ON A GOAL. Science journalist Leigh cowart Converse with Trey Elling about pain, what is it, why endorphins can relieve pain, how MRI scans differ between masochist brains and not when it comes to pain, capsaicin – the product chemical that causes the pungent spice in peppers, where is the limit when the pain is intentional goes from good to bad, and why the discomfort is good for us.
  • AMERICAN SERIAL KILLERS. Expert in the history of criminal justice Pierre Vronsky Converse with Trey Ellington on American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years 1950-2000, including common childhood traits of these killers, that of Edmund Kemper mom issues, weird moral lines of serial killers, by Jeffrey Dahmer unravel, and if the signs point to another deadly outbreak.

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