Here’s how foreign and domestic players will be signed by IPL franchises in the new CSA T20 league


While a draft or auction system is usually introduced for signing players in different leagues around the world, this may not be the case in the new CSA T20 league. Players could be signed directly by the franchises, but for that they will have to register for the tournament with Cricket South Africa (CSA).

The CSA T20 league is the first tournament where IPL franchises own all teams. It was reported by ESPNcricinfo that CSA could allow IPL franchises to directly sign their foreign players already under contract for their corresponding franchises in the CSA league.

For example, Jos Buttler plays for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL and if he signs up for the CSA league, the franchise owned by the Royals in the CSA league will be allowed to sign Buttler if they want. Similar criteria will also apply in the case of other players and other franchises.

Apart from signing foreign players for their corresponding franchises, IPL franchises will also be able to sign a player from the South African marquee players list. The list of renowned South African players will be prepared by the CSA and published later.

Direct signings could be allowed even for local CSA T20 league players

There is still some slight uncertainty over how the rest of the squad will be made up after the only marquee South African player and overseas players have been signed by each franchise.

Current reports suggest direct signings are also being considered for local South African players, but signings will have to be made from a pool to be approved by the ASC. If franchises wish to sign another player outside of the CSA-approved pool, they must seek permission from The CSA before signing.

The top players in the CSA T20 league would reportedly earn USD 300,000, or almost INR 2.3 crore.


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