‘Heroic rescue’: man in wheelchair falls on New York subway tracks, rescued just in time


After a man in a wheelchair fell from the New York City subway platform onto the tracks, another commuter jumped to the rescue and saved his life. Video of the incident goes viral online and the man is hailed as a hero.

The incident occurred minutes before a train approached Union Square station on the same track and the announcement of the train’s arrival was heard. While witnesses heard the man almost cry, the Samaritan, without any hesitation plunged in to help him outside.

With the help of other passengers on the platform, the rescuer was able to pick up the man just in time. The video showed the train arriving around the corner immediately after arriving at the platform.

Lauren Mennen, who saw it all, explained why she decided to record the moment on camera. “A man jumped straight into action. He didn’t think twice if he was going to go on these tracks, ”Mennen said. CBS New York. “I was like, people need this. There are heroes in action and I was like I was going to wave at the train and everything will be fine, ”she added.

While there were comments about people just recording the incident on their phones instead of helping, she remarked, “I hope people take some positivity out of this. “

According to New York Post, police said the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. The man, who fell on the rails, was taken to Bellevue hospital for a medical examination. However, he was conscious and alert, and was in stable condition, according to the report. “The Good Samaritan and the man have not been identified,” police said.

Video of the rescue quickly went viral on social media platforms. Many praised the brave man risking his own life to save the man of differing abilities and highlighted “the spirit of New York”.


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