How George Perez changed comics forever


Inter-company crossovers were nothing new when George Pérez had the vision to create a DC / Marvel series in 1978. However, Pérez’s ambitious goal of using the Avengers and the Justice League – both with their characters most popular – in one story raised the bar for all the crosses that followed.

Thinking about “JLA / Avengers” for, Pérez described the initial experience as positive, recalling his enthusiasm to “play in the playground of two companies”. Unfortunately, this will not last.

“Everyone knows it started in the 1980s and because of a lot of business-to-business politics he was killed. under me, ”Pérez remembers. “(Then) there were a lot of false starts to restart it, and nothing ever happened.”

Luckily for Pérez and the fans, Marvel and DC finally came to an agreement in the early 2000s, pairing Pérez with Busiek to tell another story spanning the universe that allowed Pérez to draw a plethora of characters. While DC and Marvel haven’t released a joint book like this since then, there’s always a chance Pérez’s legacy will inspire them to come together again.


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