How Kevin Smith gave Chasing Amy a happy ending


In 2019 Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, writer-director Kevin Smith gave a heartwarming sequel to his 1997 bittersweet classic Chasing Amy.

1997 saw the release of In pursuit of Amy, the third film in writer-director Kevin Smith’s legendary View Askewniverse franchise. Set against the backdrop of comic book culture, the film tells a painful and complex love story between two creators – one that ends on an appropriate bittersweet note. Everything turned out well for In pursuit of Amy‘s leads, however, with Smith ultimately offering a heartwarming follow-up 22 years later in his 2019 film. Jay and Silent Bob reboot.

In pursuit of Amy follows comic book artist Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck). Holden is the co-creator of an underground lowbrow comedy titled Bluntman and Chronicle, although he aspires to work on something a little more personal and sophisticated. Holden’s life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with fellow comic book creator Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), the problem being that she is a gay woman.

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After the two form a friendship, Holden confesses his love for Alyssa, who is angry at first but soon admits that she feels the same. She elaborates, explaining that she is happy to be with Holden, as it is a development that she has achieved on her own terms, never having conformed to the perceived flaw of heterosexuality in her quest for fulfillment. . Nonetheless, Holden’s friendship and eventual romance with Alyssa leads to a conflict with his best friend and Bluntman and Chronicle co-creator Banky Edwards (Jason Lee), someone who constantly makes homophobic remarks.

Through Banky’s meddling, Holden learns that he is actually not the first man Alyssa has been with and that his sexual history has earned him some reputation in their old New Jersey suburban playground. . Holden handles this revelation rather poorly, seeking more information and sabotaging his relationship with Alyssa in the process. Despite Alyssa’s assurances that her previous experiences are over and that she only wants it now, Holden just can’t let her insecurities go away.

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Holden finally comes to his senses after a surprisingly enlightening encounter with Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), who Bluntman and Chronicle is based on. In perhaps the most famous case of Bob breaking his silence, he tells Holden about a very similar experience he had with a girl named Amy. Silent Bob confesses that he deeply regrets ruining their relationship because of his own insecurities and that he has spent every day since “chasing Amy… so to speak”.

Yet, following an ill-conceived plan to save his relationship with Alyssa and his partnership with Banky, Holden ends up losing both. But after breaking up with Alyssa and selling her share of Bluntman and Chronicle In Banky, Holden finally gets to do what he wanted from the start: tell a personal story. He recounts the experience and apologizes to Alyssa in a new comic, which he calls In pursuit of Amy. The movie ends when Holden gives Alyssa a copy of her new book, showing that while their love bond is firmly behind them, they at least seem to be on good terms.

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During the discussion In pursuit of Amy‘s “sad end” on See the Askew Productions website, Smith said, “Whether the ending is sad or not is up to the viewer. If you’re the optimistic type, maybe Holden and Alyssa will get back together. The important thing is that Holden has had time to think it over and determine. its hanging up on Alyssa’s past. ” For a very long time, what really happened next was mainly left to the interpretation of the public. Affleck, Adams, and Lee reprized their roles as Holden, Alyssa, and Banky, respectively, in 2001 Jay and Silent Bob strike back. However, the three characters don’t really interact with each other in this movie, each serving a different purpose.

Fans finally got definitive answers in Jay and Silent Bob reboot, which was released as the seventh View Askewniverse live-action film in 2019 – 13 years after the franchise apparently reached its conclusion in 2006 Clerk II. As Counter attack, To restart follows Jay and Silent Bob as they venture to Hollywood, this time to prevent the new Bluntman and Chronicle restart the movie never to be done.

While at Chronic Con, Jay and Silent Bob meet this year’s guest of honor, Holden McNeil, who is being interviewed for his podcast by none other than Alyssa Jones. While chatting with his old friends, Holden reveals that In pursuit of Amy has been critically acclaimed which has won her numerous awards and which Alyssa is now adapting the comic to a Netflix series. Additionally, Alyssa is now in a happy relationship with another woman. That said, Holden is still an important part of her life, as the two are now “co-parents”. When Alyssa and her partner decided to have a baby, they asked Holden – who has maintained a friendship with Alyssa over the years – to be the father. Holden and Alyssa ended up having a daughter, whom they named Amy.

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