How Moon Knight’s Brother Has Been Portrayed In The Comics


The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight, now streaming on Disney+

Today we take a look at how Moon Knight’s brother Randall has been portrayed in the comics.

This is “Glimpse of a Story”, a feature film that examines the comic book version of a character that was adapted for film or television as a simple “name/look” adaptation, as opposed to my” Written in the Book,” which features more traditional adaptations of comic book characters and stories.

This is one of the most notable examples of a character’s connection to the comics really being the most superficial connection possible.

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In the fifth episode of Moon Knighttitled ‘Asylum’, Marc Spector and Steven Grant are forced to go back and reflect on Marc’s memories, while Steven must come to terms with the shocking realization that Marc has begun to dissociate himself and create Steven to deal with abuse. which Marc’s mother gave to Marc growing up after the death of Marc’s brother, Randall.

You see, when Mark was not even 10 years old, he and his younger brother, Randall, went to explore a cave, not knowing that a storm would flood the cave with water so quickly that they quickly found themselves surrounded by water. . Only Marc made it out alive and their mother never forgave Marc for “allowing” his little brother to die, and she abused him for the rest of his time growing up with her, until that he finally has the chance to leave home for good. He didn’t even return to their family home after his death, that’s how traumatic his abuse was for young Marc.

Randall therefore played a major role in Marc’s life, as his death led to the abuse Marc suffered which led him to first create “Steven Grant” to deal with the abuse he suffered from his wife. mother (and it also led Marc on the path to becoming a soldier and then a mercenary, which led to him meeting Khonshu and becoming his fist of revenge). What about the comics, though?

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Randall Spector made his comic book debut in Pontoon! #17, in one of the first Moon Knight stories drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz after becoming Moon Knight’s backup feature artist in the Pontoon! magazine. In the story (by writer Doug Moench and artists Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson) we see a man who murders nurses with a hatchet after they leave work in the morning after a night shift…

With the Comics Code on those magazines, the Moon Knight stories were definitely a lot bloodier than most people were used to from a superhero series. Anyway, under his identity of Jake Lockley, Moon Knight learns that the killer left notes clearly stating that he is committing these murders because of two people named Marc and Lisa.

Moon Knight (now under his Steven Grant identity) then explains to his girlfriend/assistant, Marlene, that the killer was someone who had worked with him as a mercenary but betrayed Marc on a mission, killing the Marc’s girlfriend at the time (another agent named Lisa). Marc tracked him down and threw a grenade at the other man, which seriously injured him, but did not kill him…

Marlene then volunteered to dress up as a nurse as bait. The Hatchet Killer struck, but Moon Knight was able to intercede, but not before the Hatchet Killer nearly killed Marlene with a hatchet. That’s when Moon Knight admits that the Hatcher Killer was actually Randall Spector…

In the next issue, it’s a game of cat and mouse that Moon Knight decides to hurry up by confessing to Randall that he was, in fact, his brother, Marc, and that he was tired of running …

It then appeared as if the story had ended when Randall died…

However, Randall has come back a FEW times over the years. I’ll detail one of his return visits in an upcoming column, so let’s quickly jump into the 2011 crossover, shadowland, where Gregg Hurwitz, Bong Dazo, Jose Pimentel, and Matt Milla, directed a Moon Knight tie-in miniseries that brought Randall back as seemingly the NEW Avatar of Khonshu. In reality, a Hand agent working for Daredevil, who had been possessed by a demonic being known as The Beast (which was the focus of the Shadowland crossover) tricked Randall into thinking he had been chosen by Khonshu. Randall also has energy blasts that would shoot from his eyes and could kill people. Randall started murdering people and leaving smirking notes to get his brother’s attention…

Randall started calling himself Shadowknight. Here on the cover of the second issue of the series, drawn by Francesco Mattina, representing Randall as the Shadowknight…

Randall then attacked Marlene and caused her to miscarry Marc’s baby. Both Randall and Marc then set off in search of a magic croissant in New Orleans (Marc had to turn to Khonshu for help with Randall, and it was Khonshu who told him about the croissant) . Randall started killing people to draw his brother into a confrontation. After Marc defeats Randall, his younger brother reveals that he strapped a bomb to his body…

Marc was then forced to use the magic crescent to kill his own brother… AGAIN (and that doesn’t even get into the other Randall Spector stories I’ll get to in the future)…

This defeat of his brother brought Marc closer to Khonshu, which was most likely Khonshu’s plan all along. Moon Knight then teamed up with other Marvel heroes to bring down Daredevil once and for all (they managed to separate the hero from The Beast who possessed him).

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