How much do Smoothie King employees usually earn?


Working with customers in the store every day takes hard work and enthusiasm, but Smoothie King roles away from the front line earn the highest salaries. According to Glassdoor, individual store managers get average annual salaries of $31,989, though Indeed records that figure as closer to $38,901. A little further up the career chain are general managers, who Indeed says can expect to earn $39,446 a year, while Glassdoor projects a salary of $40,680. District managers collect an average of $65,244 in payouts, according to Glassdoor.

The top executives and senior managers of the company are the biggest earners. According to Glassdoor, a Smoothie King accountant can expect to earn $66,665 per year, and administrators can earn between $103,322 and $140,955 per year (via Glassdoor). That compares to a US average of just under $60,000 for all accountants (according to Talent) and $136,435 for administrators (via Glassdoor).

According to Comparably, Smoothie King’s average executive compensation is $266,575 each year. The company’s lowest-performing executive can earn around $52,000, while the highest earns around $720,000, still far below the average CEO pay of around $13.9 million, according to the company. ‘Economic Policy Institute.

Finally, whether they are store employees, managers or executives, Indeed data shows that only 36% of Smoothie King employees are satisfied with their salary.


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