How to choose the best franchise for your portfolio in 2022


While restaurants have recently seen their fair share of challenges, the industry is rebounding and franchised restaurants have proven to be one of the most resilient segments.

The International Franchise Association has forecast that 26,000 new franchise businesses will open in 2021. While it remains to be seen what the actual number will be by the end of the year, it is clear that the industry the franchise is still strong despite the setbacks of the pandemic.

Yet, as the franchise market is ripe for growth, questions remain as to which brands have been most successful amid the countless difficulties faced in the face of COVID-19. While in the past, potential franchisees could rely primarily on financial data to inform their investment decisions, the pandemic has brought new variables, such as support from franchisors, into the equation, making it difficult for booming franchisees and seasoned owners to decide which brands are right for their portfolios.

To help potential franchisees navigate this difficult market, writing QSR and RSF has compiled all the information and operational data you will need to make a smart investment decision in one place.

This report, The Best Franchise Deals for 2022, draws on our more than 25 years of franchise market analysis experience to recommend over 100 of the fastest growing brands in the restaurant industry. .

Inside, you’ll not only find sales and AUV data for some of the country’s most promising franchise brands, but you’ll also find breakdowns of the most popular channels by category, an analysis of key franchise trends. , information on the highest in the country. growing markets and highlights of some of the industry’s biggest success stories.

Plus, we’ve included tips on how to navigate franchise agreements and a list of questions all prospective franchise owners should ask franchisors to guide you through the franchise process.

Start your research today.

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