How to unlock the battle ax in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone


It’s time to hack and slash like your favorite horror movie villain just in time for The Haunting event in Call of Duty: War Zone.

The last melee weapon to join Black Ops Cold War is the battle ax, a literal ax that can be used to chop down trees as easily as you chop down enemies with your run-and-slash classes in multiplayer or even War zone.

One of the last weapons to add in Black Ops Cold War, the battle ax is like other melee weapons in the game in that it is a one-hit kill, so it’s worth grinding it up if you have a weakness for axes or if you run like a homicidal ax murderer.

Here’s how to access the battle ax in both Cod Games.

How to unlock the battle ax in Black Ops Cold War and War zone

Image via Activision

The challenge to unlock the battle ax is as follows:

War zone and multiplayer

  • Kill with a gun, melee weapon, and deadly piece of equipment in the same life in 15 different completed matches.
Screenshot via Activision


  • Using a primary melee weapon, kill 10 Abominations
Screenshot via Activision

Alternatively, you can purchase a store pack to instantly access the ax without having to face the challenge. The Berserker Pack includes the Barbarian’s Ax Blueprint and several other items.


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