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The return of Hunter X Hunter It’s been years since fans have crossed their fingers that they haven’t seen the last of Gon and his fellow hunters from the pen of mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi. With the final chapter in the pits in 2018, the series writer and artist recently opened a new Twitter account to hint that new pages were being worked on to continue. Hunter x Hunter Arc Competition Succession. Even though the Twitter account only started at the beginning of the week, it quickly helped Togashi to receive the most Twitter followers of any mangaka in the industry.

The previous mangaka who had the most followers was Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of my hero academia who regularly shares new artwork of their heroes and villains that have emerged from the UA Academy universe. While Horikoshi is set to wrap up the story of Deku and his fellow Class 1-A heroes as the final arc unfolds within the pages of the Shonen manga, Togashi has yet to reveal if these upcoming chapters may or may not be Hunter x Hunter finally, with fans crossing their fingers, there are many more adventures of Gon and his friends to come.

Currently, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Twitter account has about 2.3 million followers, surpassing Kohei Horikoshi’s Twitter which stands at 2.1 million, which proves how popular he is. Hunter X Hunter became a Shonen series and how many fans have been looking forward to the return of some of their favorite anime hunters.

When Togashi launched his new Twitter account, many fans were skeptical that it was actually the popular mangaka’s account, although the creator of One-punch manthe artist simply known as ONE, helping to confirm that the creator of Hunter X Hunter had hit the internet. While a release date for the new chapters has yet to be revealed, one imagines Yoshihiro will see even more fans following the creator’s social media account.

What do you think of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Twitter account becoming the most popular for a creator in anime? What do you want to see from the next return of Hunter X Hunter? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Gon and friends.

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