If NFL Franchises Were EURO 2020 Teams: Part 4


Justin Herbert # 10 of the Los Angeles Chargers (Photo by Joe Scarnici / Getty Images)

Breakdown of the last four teams in our series by comparing EURO 2020 teams to NFL franchises.

After what has been one of the best days of football played at EURO 2020 So far, the quality of the sport presented has lived up to the expectations of the fans. In the hit action on Monday, June 28, 14 goals were scored in two matches, and tournament favorite France were knocked out of the last 16 on penalties by underdogs Switzerland.

The teams still involved will look to win it all, and the quarter-finals will begin soon on Friday, July 2. Four teams still have to play a match before this stage.

So who should you support? We take a look at the nations and make it easy for you in this final part four of our four-part series: If NFL Franchises Were EURO 2020 Teams.

4. Sweden – NFL Franchise Comparison: Los Angeles Chargers

Next match: vs Ukraine, Tuesday June 29

Sweden have been a very confident team throughout EURO 2020 so far. After securing a 0-0 draw against two-time EURO champions Spain, they ended their group stage with victories over Slovakia and Poland to finish surprisingly at the top of their group. Today, they are in the round of 16 and face a Ukrainian team they will want to beat.

Of all the games in the last 16, this is probably one of the most balanced. The focus should be on Sweden after their excellent group performances.

Sweden are not a team made up of big club football stars, but have always been a reliable side with good team form and a focus on defense. The EURO 2020 squad has players from elite clubs in Europe, but not many with a starting role for their team.

The country’s talisman is undoubtedly Zlatan Ibrahimovic. After retiring from international football, Ibrahimovic declared his return in time for EURO 2020 but unfortunately suffered an injury before the start of the competition. Without Ibrahimovic, the Swedish team is full of excellent players but none bring the quality of star. It is likely that in the face of high level opposition, Sweden will not have the necessary advantage to score.

When you consider the NFL company Sweden retains, it seems the association with the Los Angeles Chargers is a fair comparison. For starters, Sweden and the Chargers are playing with a yellow jersey at home. A perennial underdog in the NFL, the Chargers have long been a team looking for top-quality talent to take them to the next level. Philip Rivers has been a bright spark in recent franchise history, and the team has been strong but uninspiring.

In the 2020 season, the Chargers showed some strength and intensity to end the season after a dismal 3-10 over three months. Still, there is some hope for the Chargers if they can stick to their game plan and keep their opponents from speaking out. LA fans should row behind the Blue and Yellow and help an unlikely Swedish victory come true.


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